Download Video Downloader iWoopie Lite for iOS

iWoopie wonderfully fills this gap in the iPhone OS. Regarding its free, it is not likely to become paid like many other applications, since it is a Lite version. Efficient and practical, this application to urgently discover will surely make the happiness of the followers of YouTube!

Video Downloader iWoopie Lite is no longer available for download from the app store.

Although the iPhone OS does not support Flash, YouTube is available from the application of the same name, which is present by default. However in 3G, these video sessions consume a lot of bandwidth and without Wi-Fi it is obviously impossible to access them. In order to fill this gap, Clubic invites you to discover a new iPhone / iPod Touch application that you will not be able to do without!

Video Downloader iWoopie Lite allows you to download YouTube videos to iPhone and iPod touch. Free and extremely practical, you can finally enjoy your clips, trailers and other video buzz offline. Perfectly functional, it also offers foolproof ease of use.

How to do ? After installing it from the Apple App Store, launch the software named iWoopie. You can directly carry out your research, but also watch the videos as with the official application. To do this, click on the search bar at the top. All you have to do is select your videos by checking the boxes next to each result. To launch the batch download, slide to the bottom and then tap the button Download. By clicking on the tab Download you can follow the operation live, but also simultaneously launch other research. However, be careful not to let iPhone go to sleep. After a few minutes of patience, your videos will finally be downloaded and viewable without limitation from the tab Download.

Overall, the interface is smooth and pretty well done, apart from the search bar which remains strangely truncated. On the options side, it is possible to delete temporary files and limit the use of the space allocated to storing videos. Only regrettable point, it is impossible to transfer these files to space Videos and therefore to recover them on a computer via iTunes.

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