Download Unlocker-How to Download Unlocker for Android windows pc 10/8/7 32/64 bits

Free and available in French, Unlocker is one of the most practical software in its field. A good tool to adopt to find a process to delete a file or to block any modifications to a file.

What to do with this utility?

Like WhoLockMe, Unlocker is a free utility in French that allows you to delete or modify recollectant files or folders. During certain operations, processes or applications the user may be prevented from modifying the file.

This can be specifically a document that cannot be removed while open in word processing software. In many instances, the process under consideration is difficult to detect. The version available here is portable and does not require installation.

Steps to follow:

The simplest approach is to right-click on the problematic file or folder and choose the unlocker option available directly from the Windows context menu. The second method is more specific because the user must look for the recalculate file in the system tree.

When an attachment is found on a file, the software offers to implement various functions to rename, delete, or move the file.

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