Download Ubuntu for Linux

Here u can download Download Ubuntu for Linux for the people who want to download the file for linux where that file helps to install ubuntu for linu.

  • Native integration of Microsoft Active Directory and Microsoft SQL
  • Linux kernel version 5.11
  • GNOME 3.38 environment
  • Dark theme update
  • Python switches to version 3.9
  • Default Wayland and Flutter support

What is Ubuntu?

Since its release, Ubuntu has established itself as a real little bomb in the jungle of GNU / Linux distributions. His qualities ? Free and total freedom, now easy to install, especially with Wubi, and above all, ergonomic access to a large software library.

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Free ubuntu For linux Download For windows 10

Accessible to the general public, Ubuntu has made the choice of efficiency: users can easily find and install additional software from the application manager.

Designed not to confuse beginners, Ubuntu does not have the configuration tools of Suse or but remains simple and pleasant to use. The distribution includes a selection of software largely sufficient for surfing, communicating by mail or instant messaging, retouching your photos, or performing office tasks.

How to install this Linux distribution?

The user can save their personal files and settings on a USB stick or removable disk and therefore take the system anywhere and access it from any PC.

All these qualities have seduced many Linux users, but what about a “Windowsien” who does not want to get rid of his operating system? Very simple, since the distribution, supplied in the form of a “live CD” can be run without installation from the CD / DVD drive or a bootable usb stick. If the experiment proves successful, a desktop icon allows you to install the system on the hard drive.

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If u dont find the software to install on pc or windows then u might get that file from above link where u can install ubuntu for linux free download easily and install on your pc.

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