Download Torch-Download Torch for Android windows pc 10/8/7 32/64 bits

Free and Chrome-based, Torch is a fast browser with cool extra features.A web browser based on Chromium:Torch Browser is a free web browser based on the open source Chromium project (itself the source of Google Chrome).

Download Torch webbrowser for Android windows pc 10/8/7 32/64 bits

It thus benefits from a similar interface and the same catalog of applications and extensions as the Google browser.

Attractive features:

Easy to learn, it offers several features in addition to the famous software on which it is based:

  • One-click streaming video and audio media download function
  • A very easy to use torrent client
  • A video media player (locally) allowing the videos to be played before the end of their download
  • An online search manager and audio player
  • A library of games
  • A theme manager
  • The Torch Facelift feature to redefine and customize the Facebook interface.

What about its interface?

Concretely, the Torch Browser is doing well. Fluid and pleasant to use, these additional features are a real plus without weighing it down or making it more complicated. The user can customize the interface as desired, from the theme to the new tab page

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