Download Tor Browser for Linux

Easy to configure and based on Firefox, Tor Browser is an ideal browser for maintaining anonymity online and browsing the Tor network. It offers extensions and tools to prevent online tracking. Also available on Windows, macOS and Android, Tor Browser for Linux is a free web browser based on Mozilla Firefox which allows you to browse the Internet and the Tor network.

Tor: what is it and what is it for?

The Tor network is a computer network which has the particularity of being decentralized and which uses the connections of the various users of the network as relays. This onion routing ensures the anonymity of each user and prevents tracking by the sites visited, by advertising agencies and by online hackers.

Tor also allows you to bypass the censorship imposed by certain states as well as the geographic restrictions of news websites and online forums. Finally, the Tor network is better known because it allows you to access “.onion” sites and browse the dark web, a parallel, clandestine network where sites not indexed in search engines are available and for a large numbers, illegal.


How to install it?

Two choices are available to the user, it is possible to install Tor Browser via the package available for download on this form or by entering the following command in the Terminal:

sudo apt install torbrowser-launcher

Its functionalities

Being based on Mozilla Firefox, Tor Browser includes all the classic ingredients of a good browser such as tab management, history and bookmarks, private browsing and the catalog of Firefox extensions.

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The browser also has two extensions enabled by default, HTTPS Everywhere to have an encrypted connection on all visited websites and NoScript in order to block unwanted scripts. Note also that the browser offers several levels of security to disable JavaScript as well as automatic playback of audio and video media in HTML5.

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