Download Telegram for Linux

Yes Telegram is now well known under iOS and Android, it is clear that the messaging service also offers a reliable and complete version under Linux to discuss and exchange files with its contacts in all discretion. Download for Linux!

What is Telegram?


Telegram is an instant messaging service and application recognized for confidentiality and security during discussions and file exchanges between users. Like a WhatsApp or a Viber, Telegram requires a phone number in order to automatically find contacts who use the application.

Its main features

Just like the Windows and macOS versions, this Linux version offers the sending of messages, files, photos and videos of significant size. The software even offers the possibility of making voice calls from the Linux computer.

Apart from classic discussions, the user can also launch secret discussions between one or more contacts with reinforced end-to-end encryption as well as self-destruction of messages after a period to be defined, from a few seconds to several hours. It is also possible to design public or private groups only accessible by invitation.

Easy to handle

Like other platforms, this Linux version is no exception to the rule and offers an intuitive interface but still not translated into French, a little patience.

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