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In a word excellent, TeamViewer is one of the best solutions for accessing a machine remotely and taking full control of it. Easy to use, free and practical, it is the ideal tool as much to help out a loved one as to share data. While waiting for a sound return and maybe a Linux version, this nugget is to be discovered urgently!New in TeamViewer 12:

Download TeamViewer for Windows 7/8/10

  • Mobile to mobile connection,
  • Addition of a quick actions panel (access to the task manager, to the configuration panel …),
  • Remote post-it addition,
  • Even faster data transfer.

Why use TeamViewer?

To troubleshoot a loved one, make a presentation, collaborate with a team, administer a server, the best solution is to access a computer remotely.

Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems include by default more or less accessible dedicated modules.

On the software side, we find the tenors of the VNC and LogMeIn genre, however paid or limited. In the same spirit, the editorial staff advises to (re) discover TeamViewer, a complete remote control solution that is easy to use and available free of charge for non-commercial use.

How to install TeamViewer?

This remote control solution is available in several versions:

  • Installable and complete to deploy on the “master” machine,
  • Without installation, TeamViewer QuickSupport is intended for the remote client computer for quick assistance,
  • Finally, a portable grind to be placed on a USB key or CD is also part of the game.
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How to use TeamViewer?

Creating a session is quick and easy. For the machine master, the user must perform a full installation. The customer must download, install and launch the software. Two identifiers in the form of a 9-digit code and two independent passwords will be generated on the client side.

The user taking control can then enter the credentials to start the session. Without any prior manipulation, it is possible to access the remote machine and view the screen in real time.


Its main functions:

In its free version, TeamViewer offers a wide range of features:

  • Control the mouse and write with the keyboard,
  • Access the entire drive and peripherals,
  • Carry out file transfers in both directions,
  • Set up an audio video conference by VoIP,
  • Chat via the integrated Chat,
  • Start a Ctrl + Alt + Del,
  • Close the session quickly,
  • Switch off or restart the machine,
  • Display system and network information,
  • Record a video session.

Options and security:

In terms of security, the whole thing is extremely reliable. The sessions are encrypted in AES 256 bits, the server will not be able to read the shared data and a random password is generated for each session. By installing the complete program on the master and client machines, it is even possible to create a network.

Many advanced parameters are on the menu such as the configuration of permanent access, the balance between display quality and fluidity, limit access, but also the addition of identifiers in white or black list.

A simple solution to learn:

TeamViewer is fully functional under Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS as well as Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry mobile systems. Best of all, the application is fully translated into French.

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Finally, note that TeamViewer is available in professional versions Business, Premium and Corporate.

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