Download SplitCam for Windows Pc

The concept of distributing video streams to several clients is not revolutionary, but this software has the merit of being free and working perfectly. Even if its interface is a bit outdated, Splitcam However, it is still a good solution to make the most of your webcam.

What does SplitCam offer?

The purpose of the software Splitcam is to allow the broadcasting of video streams from a webcam to several software. By default, this operation is not possible because a webcam feed can only be used by one software at a time.

In addition to offering this new possibility, this solution provides the means to enhance the flow of a webcam with several personalization elements.


Download SplitCam for Windows 10 Pc

The user can thus share their webcam feed with a host of services and software such as Skype, Camfrog Video Chat, YouTube, ooVoo and many others.

In addition to being compatible with any Webcam installed on your PC, Splitcam will allow distribution of your captured images with your video devices (analog or digital): VHS, DV, TV-IN and TV Tuner.

The software is quickly configurable since it will suffice to select the frame rate and adapt in one click: brightness, contrast, saturation and color balance.


Appreciable tools:

Splitcam is also provided with several functions allowing to personalize the video stream of a webcam by adding effects, text, an image, time and date or even a frame. The user is also able to choose the resolution of the webcam, with support for HD, and to redefine the contrast, brightness and sharpness of the image.

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Note also that this free solution is compatible with streaming services Twitch TV and Livestream to broadcast live from a webcam.


Its interface

Between the unwanted advertisements and its austere interface, Splitcam is not a model of simplicity of handling. The French translation is also long overdue.

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