Download Rufus for Windows Pc 10

Rufus is fast, light, free, translated into many languages, and works really well. Its interface might not be incredibly instinctive, but relatively affordable. A very good software to test immediately!

Download Rufus for Windows Xp Pc 10 Vista

What to do with Rufus?

Rufus is free (GPLv3) and lightweight software dedicated to formatting and creating bootable USB key media.

The software does not require installation, it is only an executable. The interface is sober and minimalist.

How to configure your USB key?

The utility allows formatting a USB medium in a completely personalized way:

  • Partition type (MBR for BIOS or UEFI computer and MBR or GPT for UEFI)
  • File system (FAT, FAT32, NTFS, UDF, exFAT)
  • Cluster size

In addition if the user wishes to load a bootable ISO image on his key, the parameters will be automatically selected by Rufus. Note that the software supports a large number of images. The (non-exhaustive) list of ISO images supported by Rufus is available on the official website of the software.

A quick and efficient solution

Another strong point of the software, it is relatively faster than UNetbootin or YUMI for example. A point raised by the software developers and confirmed by our tests.

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