Download roblox-How to Download Roblox for Android windows pc 10/8/7 32/64 bits [2021-2022]

Roblox has many assets to please: a rich and creative French-speaking community, a wide choice of games and the possibility of creating your own games and sharing them with the whole world. If the catalog is well supplied, it is not very easy to navigate. Despite this, Roblox offers some very good games and suitable for all ages.

Download Roblox for Android windows pc 10/8/7

Developed since 2004, Roblox is a free-to-play, sandbox-type, massively multiplayer game in which the community is free to design and share games, items and avatars. Roblox is full of games, dedicated to children, teens and adults alike with an impressive catalog of strategy games, platform games, tycoon-type games, role-playing games and even simulators.

Originally intended as a tool for popularizing science, Roblox is recognizable by its graphics at the crossroads of Minecraft and Lego. This virtual universe benefits from an impressive international community, creative and regularly offering updates and new games.

Roblox Getting started in Roblox

To get started, it is necessary to create an account on the publisher’s site and to download the Roblox installer on his computer either via the installer available on this sheet or through the Microsoft Store.

Once the account has been created and the application installed, it is possible to play all the games via the Roblox games catalog. The software on Windows does not offer real access to the catalog, you will have to go through the Roblox website to access the games, modify your avatar or even create your own games using the dedicated Roblox Studio tool.

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To start playing, just click on any game in the online catalog and select the Play option. For each game, a descriptive sheet allows you to consult details such as the number of people in the game, the date of the last update, the maximum number of players and a possible shop. Indeed, the game is completely free but includes a virtual currency called Robux, which can be purchased with real money.

Varied games for all ages

Roblox’s strength is undoubtedly its impressive catalog of games, although a little complicated to learn. The games are listed there by trends, popularity and themes.


The Roblox catalog has grown over the years and our test has allowed us to discover some of the best references of their kind that will please depending on age and desire:

  • Phantom Forces a very nagging FPS in which our arsenal evolves and expands over the levels.
  • Those Who Remain is a co-op survival game where the objective is to survive multiple hordes of successive zombies while completing missions.
  • Theme Park Tycoon 2 is an amusement park management simulation game with many challenges.
  • Vehicle Simulator, a racing and vehicle customization game in which it is possible to play as the police or thugs behind the wheel.

Switch to creation mode with Roblox Studio

If patience, talent and creativity are with you, Roblox Studio allows you to take the plunge and design your own games thanks to a dedicated engine and tool, Roblox Studio. The latter is accessible via the official page and is installed separately from Roblox Player. Its interface is easy to learn although a French translation is lacking.

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