Download powerpoint-Download PowerPoint 2019 for pc windows 108/8/7

Download PowerPoint 2019 for pc windows 108/8/7-Powerpoint 2019 is a software for making presentations made of different slides. The tool is provided with many themes for as many presentations with various themes. Besides images and text, it is possible to insert many types of content into your presentations: videos, audio, graphics, shapes or SmartArt. Once your presentation plan has been completed and the content integrated, the many transitions and animations available allow you to highlight the important elements of your slides that you want to be remembered.

Download PowerPoint 2019 for windows 108/8/7: what’s new

A new transition is now available, called Morphose, it allows you to make elegant translations of elements between two slides.

A zoom feature now allows you to zoom in on a specific element of the presentation when clicked without going to the next slide.

As requested by the community, it is now possible to Highlight items as was already the case in Word.

Another feature eagerly awaited by users because more and more widespread on the web, SVG files are now supported by Powerpoint.

When editing images, it is now easier to remove the background of an image to crop it.

As video evolves rapidly, it is now possible to export your presentation as 4K video.

Finally, plenty of touchscreen features are emerging like a ruler for drawing straight lines, new ink formatting options, and Surface pen support for scrolling through your slides during your presentation.

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Powerpoint 2019 software is exclusively available in Microsoft Office 2019 suites and Office 365 and is not sold at retail.

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