Download PDFCreator -How to Download PDFCreator for Android windows pc 10/8/7 32/64 bits

Download PDFCreator for windows-The meaning of PDF format is portability. That is to say, a document generated on any application can open without problems on other platforms. Developed by Adobe, it had its first version in 1993, and it became standard as open code in 2008 and, for example, it allows you to open the same document on Windows, Mac, Linux, or Android.

Nowadays, the PDF file is extensive because it has several advantages and characteristics that transform it into a convenient format. This format is mainly thought for documents to be printed because it contains all the information of the final result of the printing, that is to say, the PDF is exact to the product in a paper, is here PDFCreator.

A practical virtual printer in PDF format

To create files in PDF format, you can use an efficient tool like this PDFCreator. This simple application converts documents created on all software to PDF. PDFCreator installs a virtual printer, which suffices to select from the list of options.

Create PDF files on any application

  • Print screen to see the whole list of documents to transform.
  • It doesn’t just work with PDF files. Several conversion formats are available: PDF, PNG, JPEG, BMP, PCX, TIFF, PS, EPS, TXT, PSD, PLC, RAW, or SVG.
  • It allows all doc in one place and combines them.
  • Data editor allows you to include different data on the PDF file, such as author or creation date.
  • Integration on the context menu.
  • Several additional actions include sending files to Dropbox, adding covers to the document, or opening the email client as soon as the file is saved.
  • As the software also installs a context menu, if you click on the right button and choose its printing option, you can print the PDF file directly, without having to go through another application.
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Downloading the software also can install PDF Architect, an editing tool that allows you to modify parameters such as text, images, orientation, etc.

What’s new in the latest version

New action to send the print job to another profile.
Option to add watermarks and backgrounds.
Error correction and improvements.

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