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Paint.NET doesn’t quite play in the same category as commercial heavyweights but it is worth knowing if you don’t need overly advanced features. Note that the software does not open PSD files or XCF files created with Gimp.For its 10 years, Paint.NET offers itself a nice update. A 4.0, all round, sign of big changes under the hood. Raised to the rank of by some, how has this little free software achieved such a reputation and such longevity?

Download Paint.NET for Windows for Windows Xp 7/8/10


Finding good free image editing software that is easy to use is difficult. There is the excellent GIMP but its rather complex interface is not necessarily indicated for the uninitiated.

Paint.NET just might be the hidden gem. Started as an academic project by two graduates of Washington State University, Paint.NET is sort of a (much) improved version of the Microsoft Paint with some ideas borrowed from Adobe Photoshop CC 2021.

On the features menu:

No need to look for the power of the expensive leader, on the other hand Paint.NET offers interesting features such as good layer management, the addition of basic filters as well as various colorimetric adjustment tools.

Another well-known function is history management and the ability to save changes to the settings specific to each tool. On the compatibility side, it supports the most common formats but discards the most practical, namely the PSD and XCF extensions respectively used by and GIMP.

Paint.NET is also based on a strong community which provides a number of plugins and extensions to add new effects to the software.

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Its interface:

The ergonomics of Paint.NET is literally bluffing. The interface is clean, nice and neat, with some nice little details, like the transparent palettes when they overlap the image.

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