Download opera Browser-How to Download opera Browser for Android windows pc 10/8/7 32/64 bits [2021-2022]

Download opera Browser for Android windows pc-Opera continues to evolve. While the development of branch 12 has ceased since 2016, recent versions of the web browser continue to be enriched with new features such as the built-in VPN and ad blocker, the news reader and ever faster page loading. To discover and recommend urgently!

Download opera Browser for windows

Download opera Browser for Android windows pc 10/8/7

Opera is a free, cross-platform browser that has established itself as a benchmark alongside Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. The Norwegians of Opera Software have always cultivated the difference of their browser.

In addition to the particular care taken in terms of proper support and compliance with web standards, Opera has always been a safe choice; optimization of page loading time, browser customization and ergonomics have always been at the center of developments.

The change of rendering engine:

Over the versions, new features have appeared such as Turbo mode, which allows pages to be compressed in order to speed up their display, Opera Unite offering the possibility of transforming the browser into a multimedia sharing server, an email manager or even a BitTorrent client. reaffirmed the publisher’s desire for innovation.

Moving from version 12.15 to 15 in 2013, the browser changes course and rendering engine: exit Presto, Opera will now evolve around the Chromium engine. This change resulted in a number of improvements and discontinued features for future versions of Opera. However, version 12 is still available for enthusiasts and developers. However, it has not been maintained by the publisher since 2016.

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A browser with extended functionality:

Opera allows smooth, fast and intuitive navigation. The user has several tools to improve his experience such as the favorites overview, the integrated ad blocker as well as a secure and anonymous browsing mode so as not to leave traces on the web. On the security side, the browser has provided a free VPN since version 40.

In addition, a dedicated battery saving tool helps reduce tab activity and some background plugins. The informed user will also find his account thanks to an intuitive news reader which supports the addition of RSS feeds.

A simple handling

On the interface side, the start page groups together all the most visited sites in the form of thumbnails. The interface is fully customizable thanks to the themes and extensions available in the Opera catalog.

Opera benchmark scores

Like Brave, Opera amazes with its speed. Web pages are displayed almost instantly. However, we have regularly encountered some problems with the management of tabs. After an initial load and switching between tabs, some appear to have been paused and return a white or black screen. This is undoubtedly a bug that will be fixed quickly

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