Download Office 2019 for Windows

Microsoft offers the opportunity to discover its new office suite Office in version 2019. On the menu: better collaboration between authors and many new features in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Publisher.

Why use Microsoft Office?

Indispensable in office automation, Microsoft Office is the best office suite with more than 25 years of service and tools that have become benchmarks: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access; the best in productivity for everyone.

Due to the variety of its software, it is suitable for a very large number of trades and it is therefore no surprise that it is very popular in business. Granted, there are several alternative software out there, many of them even free. However, Microsoft’s file formats .doc (x), .xls (x), ppt (x) … – remain the standard for professional exchanges and alternative solutions, although compatible, do not always necessarily support rendering exact documents.

Note however that the software of the Office suite is also compatible with the OpenDocument format resulting from the work of the Free Office suite and imposed on Microsoft to avoid any type of monopoly.

In business Microsoft must especially face competition from Google WorkSuite, the suite of Web services also including Google Docs focusing on collaborative work and offered in the form of subscription.

Microsoft Word

Download Office 2019 for Windows Xp 7/8/10 pc

With this grind Office 2019, the Redmond firm is constantly improving the software making up the suite. From the star word processor to the spreadsheet and the Powerpoint presentation software, the interface of each software has been redesigned and new features added.

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On the menu :
– Simplification and improvement of collaboration with better tracking of changes (by co-authors) and version history;
– Quick one-click sharing from all the software in the suite via OneDrive;
– The return of the assistant, this time named tell me, in order to find any functionality in the blink of an eye;
– The integration of Bing allowing you to carry out web searches without leaving your document;
– Better interoperability between platforms. The user will thus easily switch from his computer to his tablet or phone.

Two solutions for two uses

Today you have the choice between two licenses: Office Home and Business 2019 and Office Home and Student 2019. The difference between the two ? Office Home and Business 2019 can be used for business purposes and has the Outlook email client in its suite. This offer is offered to € 299 against € 149 for Office Home and Student 2019.

Download Microsoft Office 2019 Preview Product Key: NKGG6-WBPCC-HXWMY-6DQGJ-CPQVG

Office 2016 Public Preview

Microsoft Office flagship software

The editor’s office suite first includes Word. Very versatile, the word processing software allows you to write a letter as well as a novel. Microsoft offers rich layouts, downloadable templates, and a host of formatting tools. Over the years, Word has evolved into the creation of multimedia documents.

Word is arguably the most popular application in this suite, both used by students and in any profession. For many, it is generally with Word that we begin to master the overall functionalities of a computer (creation of a document, saving, modifications, etc.)

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The Excel spreadsheet manager is also the benchmark in its field. Whether it’s establishing an account record or managing a database, Microsoft has designed a formidable pivot table tool.

Microsoft Excel can be used to calculate expenses by generating a graph as well as listing a library, and the macro support gives it endless possibilities.

Office 2016 Public Preview

The third flagship tool of this office suite is undoubtedly PowerPoint. The presentation software makes it possible to accompany a school presentation as well as to illustrate the words of a company meeting. You still need to know the codes for a PowerPoint presentation and not just paste the contents of a Word file.

Microsoft PowerPoint allows you to create animations with transition effects between each slide – or slide. The presentation can even integrate videos and be exported in PDF format.

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