Download Mozilla Firefox for Linux

Are u looking to Download Mozilla Firefox for Linux or ubuntu then u may get the file below where u can download directly and install Download Mozilla Firefox for Linux on your laptop or pc.

New in version 89.0:

New navigation buttons, redesigned address bar, highlighting of frequently used settings

  • Much more responsive interface
  • New tab design, lighter menus
  • Better management of notifications

A browser that combines simplicity and performance

Mozilla Firefox is a free web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation since 2002. With undeniable success, it exceeded one billion downloads in 2009 and is proving to be a benchmark for simply and quickly browsing the web.

Mozilla Firefox 73

Technically speaking, Mozilla Firefox uses homemade renderer Gecko. It also provides full support for the latest web standards such as the WebM format which simplifies high definition video playback in the browser. The browser also integrates an optimized JavaScript engine to ensure a performance gain.

Simple handling

Navigation side, Mozilla Firefox allows the import of bookmarks, cookies and passwords from other browsers. The user also has a private browsing mode so as not to leave a trace in the browsing and search history. Reading of RSS feeds is also supported.

Mozilla Firefox 73

In addition, Mozilla’s web browser offers the possibility of installing extensions in order to add new services or to customize the appearance of the interface. Modules as well as web applications are available in the Mozilla catalog.

Sync everything between multiple devices

Finally, like Google Chrome and Opera, Mozilla Firefox provides a named function Sync to synchronize open tabs, bookmarks, passwords, history, options and add-ons between Firefox sessions of your various Windows, macOS and Linux computers as well as your mobile devices running Android and IOS .

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