Download Minecraft Pocket Edition (Free) for Iphone IOS 2021

Developer: Mojang
Price: $6.99+

The current version of the application Minecraft for iOS device is the 1.16.201, it was published on 12/15/2020. This minor update fixes various bugs in the also minor update 1.16.200. Mainly focused on fixing bugs, this update also brought some small changes in the audio options and in the interactions with certain types of blocks. Released in August, version 1.16.20 (minor again), introduced a new creature in the world of Minecraft: the barbarian pigling. We must go back to the month of June 2020 and to the major version 1.16, called the Nether, for substantive changes. This update brought many new features to the Nether dimension: new biomes, new natural structures, new creatures, new objects, new types of blocks, new music… The previous major updates are 1.14 and 1.13. The first (released in December 2019) added bees and bee-related objects to the universe, while the second (released in October 2019) introduced an avatar customization tool.

Is there a need to present the now unavoidable Minecraft ? On iOS devices as on console, PC or Android, the principle is always the same: create various things from different small cubes and explore a world made of the same material. The freedom is total and the player can create whatever they want. ‘He wishes. A local multiplayer mode, in which it is possible to visit and interact with the world of other users, is available.

Note that the iOS application was called Minecraft Pocket Edition until the transition from the Bedrock version (initially dedicated to mobile) to other platforms (PC and console) in July 2017.

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Main features

In Minecraft – Pocket Edition, the player will be able to build whatever he wants. He will have at his disposal 36 models of different cubes, each with its own particularities. The user will also be able to use a multitude of tools to personalize his constructions. This game offers the possibility of inviting other people to visit the universe that the user has created and to help them in the construction process. To do this, players connect to the game through a wireless LAN. In this case, he will have to use his iPhone as a server. Minecraft – Pocket Edition integrates a system for saving multi-player worlds. It allows you to save universes created with other players on the smartphone. All you have to do is load the map to continue the building process.


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