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True reference in word processing for more than 20 years, Microsoft Word allows you to write, read and share text documents. Multiplatform, the software is available on macOS, iOS and Android and simplifies the editing of letters, CVs or invoices on computers, tablets and smartphones.

Essential in business, Microsoft is suitable for almost all trades and the application is used from an early age at school to write homework or give a presentation. loaded with tools and options, it is probably one of the most versatile software on the market

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word: the main features

To get started, the software offers more than 40 document templates to create a CV, a calendar or a flyer in a few minutes. Among the wide range of editing tools, Word allows the integration of tables, sound files, images and videos. Several layout themes offer the ability to customize the appearance of paragraphs and headings.

Microsoft Word also benefits from sharing features via OneDrive and SharePoint tools. Collaboration tools simplify the drafting of the same document between several users in real time. The software provides version management, handy in case of error, and comments.

Just like the other software in the Office suite, Word has a ribbon interface, intuitive and entirely in French. Finally, note that this software is available in a demo version via the Microsoft 365 trial (ex Office 365).

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New in the 2019 edition:

The office suite is constantly evolving with new options integrated into each software. Of course, Microsoft Word is not immune to its share of new features. Here are the latest additions made in the last major edition:
– Addition of a function to view in real time the modifications made to a document by other users;
– Addition of a translation tool in the toolbar;
– Addition of a set of pens and highlighters to edit documents using a touch pad;
– Insertion of icons and vector images in SVG format.

Microsoft Word

Tutorials: mastering Microsoft Word

The least we can say is that with Microsoft Word, Microsoft has not been stingy in terms of features and options. Moreover, most people only use and therefore know only 10% of all the tools offered by this application. While it is easy to layout a letter or poster, things start to get complicated when it comes to scrapbooking or a flyer to print

Even the most advanced users regularly discover new fitness options. but then where to start? by the basics of course and to do this we have designed several tutorials for a good grip of the software which should already meet a very large number of needs.

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Microsoft Word

Manage images, illustrations, and designs in Word

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