Download Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows 10

Here u can get all kinds of Download Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows 10 so that it can help to download PowerPoint for the new user who wants to install PowerPoint in their pc or laptop so u can easily download by using the above link where it can have Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows10.

New in Microsoft PowerPoint 2019:

Here are the additions of this version:

  • Addition of new transitions;
  • Insertion of vector images in SVG format;
  • Added a new set of pencils and highlighters with ink effects;
  • Export in 4K format and improvement of audio and video recording.

Presentation software from Microsoft

Microsoft PowerPoint

Power point is one of the most popular presentation tools in school, university and professional fields for creating interactive and multimedia documents or slideshows. The principle is simple: if Word works in pages, PowerPoint articulates different slides – or slides in English.

Whether it is to show his latest vacation photos, accounts balance sheets, a plan of his thesis or a strategy to be implemented, the user can find a selection of predefined models offering different layouts, colors and fonts. Microsoft also offers downloads of additional models on its site and third-party marketplaces have even been created to sell more elaborate designs.

Its functions:

Over the updates, Power point has been enriched with new transition and animation effects. A dedicated slideshow customization tool allows the user to change slide timings and preview the presentation on a second monitor.

It must be said that over the years, the application has aged, especially in the face of more modern solutions such as Prezi or Canva which bet in particular on the power of HTML and CSS to format more precisely the contents. Microsoft has also added themes and even offers a tool to improve oral presentations through an analysis of diction and posture using the microphone and webcam.

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Microsoft PowerPoint

The software supports presentation synchronization via Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint tools. It is thus possible to work with several users in real time on the same slide show thanks to the collaborative features and this under Windows and macOS but also on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

In addition to the classic editing features, Powerpoint offers the insertion of audio files, images, and videos.

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