Download Microsoft Office Starter-How to Download Microsoft Office Starter for windows pc 10/8/7 32/64 bits [2021-2022]

A good solution for those who would like to work on the go but who would not be able to access online services such as Office Web Apps or Google Documents.

At the request of the publisher, the download “Microsoft Office Starter 2010” is no longer available for download.

How to Download Microsoft Office Starter for windows pc 10/8/7 32/64 bits [2021-2022]

Use Office Online for free, the online suite, or choose the new Office 365 subscription plan.

A lean and free version-Microsoft finally offers a version of its office suite that can be installed and used on a USB key.

Microsoft Office Starter 2010 is a light version of Office including only Word and Excel, respectively word processor and spreadsheet of the suite, downloaded and installed on your computer via a small executable.

How to proceed ?

Usable free of charge under the sole condition of acceptance of the Microsoft license terms, you can then, using the “Microsoft Office Starter To-Go 2010” utility, install a portable version on the USB key of your choice.

In a few minutes and for some 400MB of your key you will be able to access Office and work on any computer with Windows Vista or Seven (only).

Although stripped of their most advanced features, the two software are nonetheless welcome on removable media and very practical for students and families. Also note the display of a small advertising insert offering the update to the full version but which will in no way prevent you from working comfortably.

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