Download Microsoft 365 (ex Office 365) for Windows

It is a successful evolution for the office suite Microsoft 365 which is a subscription plan and which relies on the Cloud. This version brings a number of improvements and brilliantly validates the entry of several features such as document versioning and one-click sharing via OneDrive.

Microsoft 365, the multiplatform monthly subscription

The following Microsoft Office the first version of which dates all the same from 1998, is a reference in office automation under Windows and macOS as much for individuals as for professionals. Since 2013, the suite has been distributed, in addition to a classic version for purchase (classically called Office 2016 or Office 2019 for the most recent) or in a subscription version: Microsoft 365.

Among the advantages of this formula, let us quote in particular the updates in a transparent way, the access to the Office tools directly from a web interface, the installation on one or more machines according to the chosen formula as well as on tablet and device. mobile. Note also the integration of several collaboration tools whose use has exploded with the popularization of teleworking.

Download the trial version

In order to test for free Microsoft 365, it is possible to go through the version for individuals which requires filling in payment information or through the version Pro without obligation and available on this page.

It is also possible to try Office 2019, we invite users to download the Preview version of Office 2019 and enter the product key available in the form. This 2019 version meets many user expectations and sees its orientations towards the Cloud and the tactile well asserted.

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Microsoft 365 offers under the microscope

The details of the subscription offers of Microsoft 365 (to be opposed to the offer to purchase) is as follows:

Microsoft 365 Personal : the Office suite (made up of OneNote, Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Access) for an account on PC, Mac, iOS or Android with 1 TB of OneDrive storage

Microsoft 365 Home: the Office suite for 6 accounts on PC, Mac, iOS or Android with 1 TB of OneDrive storage per user

– Microsoft 365 Education: divided into three offers that you can discover on this page. The first A1 offer is a free definitive purchase that gives access to the Office suite online and builds on real-time collaboration between students and teachers. The other two offers include the Office suite to install but are still affordable

Microsoft 365 Business Basic : does not include installation of suite software but allows access to professional messaging, shared documents and videoconferencing in an offer hosted by Microsoft

Microsoft 365 Business Standard : all the software of the standard suite plus access to professional messaging, shared documents, a public website and videoconferencing in an offer hosted by Microsoft

Microsoft 365 Business Premium : all the software of the standard suite, all the services of the Standard offer plus a manager for devices (PCs, tablets, mobiles) connected to the network as well as advanced security

Microsoft 365 Apps for Business : all the software of the standard suite for 5 accounts on PC, Mac, iOS or Android, no professional email but access to 1TB of OneDrive storage

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