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Mario Kart Tour has many strengths and one huge flaw. If the races are repetitive and the grip not always easy, the Nintendo software displays a real charm thanks to its colorful decorations and the fun it gives off. Alas, impossible to bypass the microtransactions that prevent progress at a correct pace. Pack at 21.99 €, monthly subscription at 5.49 € … Everything is done to discourage the fan who only asks to have a good time. Pity… Your smartphone does not have the Play Store?

Download the ARM64 or ARMV7 APK installer for Mario Kart Tour

Around the world in a kart

After Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo has decided to bring another of its favorite licenses to mobile devices. Mario Kart Tour invites the player to participate in races in order to unlock a multitude of rewards. The content renews frequently as the seasons change every two weeks. It will therefore be necessary to cross the finish line in the best possible place, without forgetting to achieve exploits to increase the score obtained at the end of a race.

In addition to the tracks seen in the opuses available on consoles, this Mario Kart Tour is adorned with new circuits inspired by very real cities (such as New York). Over time, it is possible to unlock drivers, karts and wings. Because unlike a Mario Kart 8, the content of the game requires to be unlocked by dint of patience or by spending euros.

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Mario kart Tour Friends-A globally respected heritage

Admittedly, this Mario Kart Tour manages to capture some of the charm of the franchise. The environments are colorful and the most famous circuits are reproduced identically. The music that punctuates each trip on the track is taken directly from the old episodes. On the aesthetic level, Nintendo did not take many risks but everything remains fluid and faithful to the legacy of an iconic license.

Mario Kart Tour visuals

Gameplay is always a tricky part to manage for a mobile game. That of Mario Kart Tour has something to destabilize at first. Already, the app only works in portrait mode. It is therefore strongly recommended to have a device with a fairly large screen. What is convenient is that the title is playable with one finger. You have to sweep the screen to perform skids and tap it to send objects in the face of the competitors. After a few races, handling becomes easier to tackle, especially since the driving assistance allows you to never fall into the holes or even go off-road.

Watch out for tire tracks

Unfortunately, Mario Kart Tour is one of those free-to-play games that are all about microtransactions. It’s quite simple, the progression is totally slowed down if the player refuses to put his hand in the wallet. Unlocking any character takes hours (days?) And some modes like 200cc speed are simply inaccessible without paying. In addition, the rubies that allow you to obtain a pipe shot (i.e. the screen allowing you to loot new elements) very rarely drop.

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Admittedly, Mario Kart Tour is a game plagued by micropayments. Despite its pleasing look and its rather well calibrated races, the title is convincing. The fault of a disastrous economic policy and quite simply discouraging for the player. the Japanese brand may have trouble motivating users to return to the game.

Mario Kart Tour Visuals 2

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