Download la Banque Postale For iOS

All in all quite simple and with basic functionalities the application nevertheless does what is asked of it. Account access, although not bad, does not get away with honors; we would indeed have liked a slightly smoother application! In the large family of iPhone bank account management apps, I ask … Postal bank!

Download la Banque Postale For iOS

Named Account Access, the app of The post office presents itself in a fairly standard way: once the login has been entered (it must be filled in each time!), a virtual keyboard, unfortunately not very practical, allows the entry of the access code and leads to a menu presenting the functions main aspects of the application; the user can therefore at any time:

  • Consult your current accounts, savings accounts or outstanding mortgage loans,
  • Make transfers between different accounts or registered accounts via the web interface,

The application will also provide access to information about emergency services or to locate a post office if necessary.

In terms of ergonomics, the route of the application is fairly straightforward, the various features are not lost in the menus and, therefore, the user either.

Finally, we regret the slowness of the application which seems to fetch information from the account tastes before their display on the screen compromising, suddenly, the fluidity of it.

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