Download joytokey-How to Download joytokey for Android windows pc 10/8/7 32/64 bits [2021-2022]

This program should be part of the PC Player Toolkit. The users of “Media center” and other fans of family or professional presentations can also look with interest on the JoyToKey solution.

How to Download joytokey for Android windows pc

JoyToKey is primarily intended for gamers. It allows you to assign any buttons or axes of a joystick to the keys of your keyboard and movements or clicks of your mouse. Many options allow you the most exotic configurations (key combinations, autofire, mouse). At first glance, the possibilities offered mainly concern games that do not support DirectX (such as the excellent “ballance”).

In reality, even in this case, going through JoyToKey can prove to be practical to easily navigate in the menus of a game when this one is only controllable by the means of a keyboard. Of course, the field of application does not end with games. The combination of this nifty program with a wireless controller gives you a remote control that will make you happy during presentations and other slide shows. This configuration is also ideal on a “Media center” especially if you have configured emulators there.

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