Download iTunes for Windows

itunes is essential software for iPod, iPhone and iPad owners. While there is still an effective solution, that does not prevent it from still being far too heavy and slow when processing a large library. A defect that he has now dragged on for several versions … It is still essential to update his Apple devices!

Download iTunes for Windows 10 pc

Available for both Windows and macOS, itunes is the necessary tool for anyone with an Apple mobile device. Indeed, this software allows you to read and manage music, movies and TV series as well as to synchronize and put your Apple device.

itunes is also able to play videos and music purchased through the Apple platform.

A sleek multimedia library

Regarding multimedia, Apple’s software acts as a manager and player for music, movies, TV series, audio and video podcasts as well as e-books purchased by the user from the iTunes Store or added manually. The software thus offers the possibility of importing its audio tracks from a CD or files in many audio formats such as MP3, AAC or even Apple Lossless.

The library highlights album covers and allows you to classify your music by artist, albums or musical genre. Even if the software manages playlists, or playlists, and even offers rankings according to the most listened to, most recent and best rated songs by the user. itunes also includes a tool called Genius which analyzes the library and makes it possible to match songs and design original mixes.

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The software centralizes all musical resources, local as well as online with the online store via the tab Store or via the streaming service of the brand to apple: Apple Music.

Manage and update your Apple device

Even if there is a plethora of alternatives to manage your Apple device, it is clear thatitunes is the only tool offering bothitunes store and especially theApp Store. The latter allows you to download and update its games and applications. Apple’s software is also unique in downloading and installing updates for different Apple devices like iPad, iPhone or iPod.

itunes is also convenient because it supports iCloud on computer, the online storage dedicated to importing and storing photos, music and movies. It is ideal to make regular backups of your devices and to switch from one device to another.

Capricious ergonomics

Even if it is very versatile, its interface has been considered for years as a “gas factory”, because of its cumbersome on many configurations. Well thought out and refined, the ergonomics highlight many contents of its Store but still offers some welcome improvements.

Navigation is as simple as possible and the recommendations system is directly integrated when consulting a track or an album from its own library.

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