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Instagram has been the subject of much ink on the Internet in recent years. The photo and video sharing service keeps attracting new users. Evidenced by its meteoric rise. Discover the secrets that made the application founded by Kevin Systrom and Michel Mike Krieger a nugget of the Web.

Instagram Android

Download Instagram for Android

What is Instagram?

Instagram was launched in 2010. Since its appearance, it has been successful even if, in 2012, it was bought by Facebook.

A variety of visual content

Instagram works on the principle of sharing images. The social network invites to publish their experiences through photos and short videos. Like the parent Facebook application, the platform restricts accessibility to content to an audience.

The application promotes lifestyle and wants to create a warm atmosphere through the visual. It encourages an improvement in the quality of the images. This is the reason why it concentrates its efforts on contrasts and luminosity while multiplying the predefined filters.

In addition, Instagram offers:

  • the stories
  • sponsored posts
  • live videos
  • classic textual publications
  • long format videos (10 to 60 minutes)
  • the videos in short format of 15 seconds

Based on classic likes and comments, the application has concocted advanced options such as polls and questions and answers.

A social network that benefits entrepreneurs

The social network is the favorite playground for influencers in the tourism, gastronomy and fashion sectors. Instagram has personalities in these fields among its members.

This is how the partnership between influencers and brands was born, resulting in product placements in publications and stories, feedback following a test and competitions.

Image communication is also an infallible way to gain the trust of users. The platform encourages companies to work on their visual identity while highlighting their products.

A large and young audience

Instagram brings together more than a billion users, half of whom log on daily. Its audience is made up of a diversity of Internet users. 41% belong to an age group between 16 and 24 years old. Users aged 25 to 34 occupy 35% of users. Subscribers aged 35 to 44 have 17% and the remainder is made up of subscribers over 44.

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The platform lists an average connection time per day of 32 minutes for users under 25 years old. This delay exceeds that of Facebook, which has an average connection time of 13 minutes. Promoting your business on the platform then amounts to taking advantage of a significant commitment from your targets.

Download Instagram

What’s new in the latest version of Instagram?

Watching videos with friends has caused quite a stir among subscribers, but this novelty is far from the latest update.

Guides on Instagram

The guides are primarily intended for marketers. The function consists of a technique of sharing content through recommendations and tips.The platform offers three types of guides:

  • the publications
  • places
  • products

Posts allow you to recommend your own content. Places consist of a typology of content recommendation by location. The products allow the sharing of your products and those of the stores on Instagram.

As 2020 dawns, Instagram has embarked on a bitter fight against cyberstalking and distance bullying. Admittedly, the sharing network noted a decrease in negative interactions, but the observation did not prevent it from setting up a system of moderation of comments.

It is an artificial intelligence that automatically erases harmful comments. The system relies on comments reported by users to detect forms of harassment. Hidden comments are however kept in a tab accessible only by the author of the report. He is free to display it or not thereafter.

The fight against disinformation

Rumors and false information have been rife since the recent health crisis. To identify the relevant information in this wave of data, Instagram has made accessible official resources and reference entities, like the WHO. In addition, the relevant data that emanates from the sources is directly redirected to the platform. The initiative results from a desire to communicate cross-checked information in real time.

In addition to this measure, there are radical changes aimed at reducing or even eliminating the spread of rumors within the application. The decision results in the deletions of content relating to conspiracy theories and fraudulent advertisements.

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Which OS is Instagram compatible with?

In its early days, the tool was an exclusive application for mobile devices. Indeed, Instagram was only available on smartphones and tablets that run Android and iOS.

The platform was inaccessible from a Windows PC and Mac. After relentless requests from users, it finally rolled out a free Android emulator known as Bluestacks. This ensures its compatibility on a PC that works with Windows. The instrument thus makes it possible to like, to publish, to comment, to share, to communicate on Instagram.

Free or paid Instagram?

Registration and use of the Instagram application is free. Nevertheless, it offers paid formulas intended for professionals eager for visibility.

Free functions on Instagram

Logging in and signing up on Instagram takes you to the timeline, which is the app’s main page. It displays photos and videos to like and comment. The profile page includes your profile photos as well as the list of published photos. The Photo Map feature locates your images by tracing their origin.

Instagram’s ultimate weapon, its camera contains a variety of options:

  • flash
  • target
  • frontal shot
  • normal shooting
  • dozens of filters
  • retouching tools
  • settings for contrast, brightness, saturation and warmth

The camera records short sublimated videos.

To boost your visibility and display yourself in the midst of a crowd of users, Instagram offers paid plans based on the principle of cost-per-click (CPC) advertising. As a reminder, this is a method of payment which consists in paying remuneration to a search engine or to the publisher of a site for each visitor brought from the link of an advertisement.

Instagram offers a cost per click of $ 0.5 to $ 3 (roughly $ 0.4 to $ 2.5). The formula is beneficial for professionals, according to a Shopify marketing study. The survey is based mainly on the average spending capacity of an Instagram user, which amounts to 65 dollars (or about 53 euros). This sum seems colossal, knowing that a Facebook user pays on average only 55 dollars (or 45 euros), against 46 dollars (or 37 euros) for Twitter users.

What are the best alternatives to Instagram?

Social networks are flourishing across the web and threatening Instagram’s notoriety. Here are the platform’s direct competitors.

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New users tend to confuse Pinterest and Instagram, yet the two platforms diverge on different points of view. Pinterest is a portmanteau that derives from the English words: “pin” and “interest”. The platform is the source of inspiration for content creators, influencers and businesses. She excels in the art of disseminating tutorials and DIY projects (Do it yourself).

People in need of ideas just have to go to the interface, type in their topic and do a search. The application then displays a table containing endless proposals. Pinterest stands out for the lack of filters and effects on photos.


Born in the United States in 2006, Twitter is a top-ranking microblogging social network. In its early days, the platform was limited to a 140-character post. Today, subscribers can enter up to 280 characters and enhance their content with 140-second video or images. Twitter has more than 336 million users, including 7.1 million in France.

The contents are accessible, even for Internet users who do not have an account. However, posting photos, videos and texts and replying to a tweet require registration. All tweets are public, but users can change their accessibility.


Flickr is the name of a photography app for digital video, image and photography enthusiasts. Its ergonomic design is reminiscent of Instagram. Subscribers share retouched, filtered, edited and cropped photos.

Also, users, although they do not share anything in common with your account, can browse your images, comment on them and recommend them. Each image is referenced and listed using keywords. The ingenious system thus facilitates the search by category.

While some published photos are copyright free, others are subject to different Creative Commons licenses.


Tumblr is considered the birthplace of trends and memes that are causing a stir on the web. Although little known in France, the platform is one of the pioneers of online image sharing. Its principle is based on customizable and specialized blogs. The social network hosts more than 335 million users, located in an age group of 20 to 25 years.

Scrolling through the pages gives you access to a series of images in GIF format. Like other platforms, Tumblr allows the sharing of texts, images, videos, audio files and live broadcasts.

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