Download Google Meet-Download Google Meet for Android

Google Meet (formerly Hangouts meet) is Google’s video conferencing service. This service, initially reserved for professionals with a G-Suite account, is available free of charge to any holder of a Google account (Gmail or account created with another email address). And until March 31, 2021, the videoconference sessions will not be limited in duration (1 hour after this date).

This free version directly competes with Facebook Messenger and its Facebook Rooms, or even the more professional Zoom and Microsoft Teams (which will also soon benefit from a general public version)..

Download Google Meet for Android

Users can create virtual meeting rooms that can accommodate up to 100 people, the video mosaic display allows 16 people to be on screen at the same time! Screen sharing is also supported. In addition, real-time subtitling is possible (English only at the start). An internal chat window in the room is also available.

Google Meet is an offer that takes security into account: first of all, video streams are secure (certainly not end-to-end) and user data is not used by Google (GDPR compatible). Invitations are made directly from Google Calendar (no link sharing, this avoids incursions into the room by unwanted people) and the host has the option of muting or ejecting a participant. If people connect to the room without being invited, they will be sent directly to a waiting room where the administrator can indicate if they can access the meeting.

Google Meet is primarily intended for professionals and teachers with a G Suite account. It allows meetings with 250 participants and livestreams (public streaming) to 100,000 spectators. Users will also be able to record meetings, the recording will appear as a video file securely stored on Google Drive.

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Google Meet is accessible through a non-line service that supports web browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari. From Chrome it is possible to share a tab of your choice in screen sharing. There are also two mobile apps one for Android and one for iOS.

If you are looking for a more fun video calling application, to contact your friends or family, Google also publishes Google Duo, on this one you can apply funny filters and masks.

New for August 2020: broadcast your videoconferences to your TV using Chromecast

In the October 2020 update, Google Meet finally implemented the feature to apply a background image. You already had the ability to blur your background during your video conferences before. It is now possible to choose an image from your library or an image proposed by Google and apply it in the background. To learn more, see our article: Google Meet now lets you use custom backgrounds for video calls.

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