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Fast, intuitive and comprehensive, Google Chrome is one of the most widely used browsers in the world. It is to be discovered and adopted under Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu and OpenSUSE!

What’s new for Google Chrome in version 91?

Here are the additions of this version:

  • Sparkplug: new JavaScript code compiler
  • Optimization of code storage
  • New design of certain web elements (buttons, radio buttons …)

Why use Google Chrome on a GNU / Linux distribution?

The Google Chrome web browser was designed and developed by Google, a subsidiary of the Alphabet company. The application is above all fast and intuitive. To do this, it uses the rendering engine Blink, renowned for its performance and a fork of the famous WebKit, used among others by Safari. Google Chrome immediately stood out with support for HTML 5 standards.

Google Chrome: a fast and complete browser install chrome linux

Chrome made its appearance in September 2008. More than ten years later, it is therefore the benchmark for Chromium browsers with a relatively consensual interface. If on Linux, the browser has always been very swift, the Windows and macOS editions have suffered the blow but after a few black years, here it is back in the race against the competition, as evidenced by our different test scores. :

  • Basemark: 522.48
  • JetStream 2: 82.955
  • Speedometer: 71.4
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Google Chrome Latest Version: what are the main features?

A wide choice of extensions

After Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome was one of the first browsers to offer a platform of extensions to download. Google has also simplified their development and integration using a set of programming interfaces. Today, the Chrome Web Store directory has tens of thousands of extensions but also themes to customize the interface. This store is also accessible to other browsers articulated around the Chromium open source project such as Brave, Vivaldi or Opera. In addition, its dominant position in the browser market makes it the platform of choice for extension developers.

Omnibox and research in the spotlight

Google Chrome immediately stood out by offering to mix the field of the address bar with a search engine. There is therefore no need to know precisely the domain name of a URL since the Internet user can generate a request directly on a search engine. And of course, Google is configured by default. It is also possible to perform more complex queries such as intra-site searches or access browser settings. Certain extensions make it possible to expand these possibilities.

The Google ecosystem at the center of the experience

Beyond its search engine, Google more truly wants to offer a standardized experience for Internet users. Thus it is possible to create a user profile directly linked to his Google account. In particular, this will synchronize all of its data, whether tabs, extensions, passwords, credit cards, as well as browsing history with all other devices using Chrome (for example a smartphone).

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A browser that keeps getting richer

Google Chrome incorporates other features implemented over the years:

  • Incognito mode private browsing leaves no traces in history, cookies and cache.
  • The “New tab” page with a mosaic of the most viewed pages and direct access to the search engine
  • An automatic translator makes it possible to provide better accessibility of the content.
  • For security reasons and to avoid crashes, Google Chrome adopts advanced tab management with independent processes. Note the ability to pin tabs, duplicate them, mute them or reopen previously closed tabs.

How to get started with Google Chrome?

It is possible to customize the appearance of your Google Chrome browser, or to configure the security and privacy options yourself. To learn more and find the new navigation options, discover our guide to getting started with Google Chrome.

What are the alternatives to Google Chrome?

While Google Chrome dominates the browser market, that doesn’t mean it will exactly meet your needs. On the contrary, whether it’s long-established big names or newcomers based on the open-source Chromium project, Chrome has a lot of competition, if you feel that Chrome is not the browser for you. , discover our comparison of the best web browsers of 2021.

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