Download Flash Player for Linux

We no longer present technology Flash, used on a large number of sites: originally intended for vector animations, Flash has become in a few years an increasingly widespread format, making it possible today to create complex applications.

It was during its passage to its ninth version that Flash Player is seen for the first time stamped Adobe. The fact remains that Flash technology has not undergone a real revolution since, apart from its passage to 64 bits.

Available on Windows, OS X and Linux]for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari but also Opera, Flash Player is still essential today to take advantage of the multimedia richness of the web. However, in the face of it, HTML5, which can be interpreted directly by browsers without the need for a plug-in, will undeniably become the standard.

Flash Player is no longer undergoing any significant change. From update to update, however, Adobe always makes it more secure.

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