Download EZBlocker – Spotify Ad Blocker for Windows

Are u looking to download Download EZBlocker for windows then u must need the complete steps to use ezblocker for windows to blocks ads so lets have a look below.

What is this utility for?


EZBlocker is a utility for automatically muting Spotify ads on Windows. It is free, free and portable, so the user can use it without installation and from a USB key.

How does it work ?

In the facts, EZBlocker recognizes the track being played and if it is an advertisement, it will mute Spotify in the Windows volume mixer. Other applications and system sounds are not impacted.

When the ad is finished, the volume returns to its previous level. The user can thus read music in peace, the silence giving way to unwanted ads.

When it works, EZBlocker is discreet and fits in the notification area next to the clock. It can be started automatically when the system is started.

Its ergonomics

With its minimalist interface in English, EZBlocker is a very simple utility to use and light in RAM consumption, less than 15 MB during our tests.

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