Download Dxtory for Windows

Dxtory is one of the most serious competitors to FRAPS, video capture software focused on video games.

The software, which evolves quickly, presents several obvious advantages: its configuration is, at the base, quite simple but perhaps also very sophisticated. In addition, it is presented as the least impacting capture software even using the X264 codec (via the “Dxtory Video Codec”).

Download Dxtory for Windows XP 7/8/10 32/64 Bit

The user will therefore be able to configure his video capture of the codec but also the image format, the compression, the resolution, the trimming … or use the automatic capture setting. The latter mode is also very satisfactory both in terms of performance and quality.

In addition the software can record up to 8 audio tracks when most competing software such as Mirillis Action! or Bandicam stop at two. Practical especially for “post-capture” assemblies.

Note: Dxtory requires the prior installation of Microsoft .NET Framework 4.To help you choose better …

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