Download DaVinci Resolve for Windows

Mainly dedicated to professionals in colorimetry and post-production, DaVinci Resolve has a wide range of advanced features for editing, mixing and producing high quality videos. Free software to discover without hesitation!DaVinci Resolve is a powerful free professional editing and grading software. Used mostly in film or television post-production, this tool offers a host of possibilities for feature and short films, advertising and audiovisual production.

With its multi-layered timeline and multi-camera editing support, this software provides an intuitive and comprehensive workspace. Among the other possibilities at his disposal, the user can add dynamic transitions, crop his shots and add titles using the tool provided for this purpose.

DaVinci Resolve It also stands out for its capabilities in terms of calibration and colorimetry. The latter is organized in the form of nodes that can easily be arranged according to your needs. This system is also useful for quickly applying various correction masks and various filters allowing, among other things, to modify the exposure, the sharpness, the gamma or the color temperature.

In its full and paid version, the software provides cutting-edge features such as image stabilization and 3D tracking tools. Among the various calibration tools, the software integrates the ACES 1.0 colorimetric standard as well as calibration using TSL curves.

On the interface side, the latter is well thought out and loaded with features. Although it is entirely in English, the software offers a thousand-page manual to introduce the basics to novice users.

Finally, note that this solution is available free of charge in its edition DaVinci Resolve and the purchase for the modest sum of 915 Euros for the full version Resolve Studio.

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