Download DaVinci Resolve for Linux

DaVinci Resolve is the tool dedicated to professionals in colorimetry and post-production in film, television or photography. It has a wide range of advanced features to edit, mix and produce quality videos. Free software to discover without delay!DaVinci Resolve is a powerful non-linear editing and professional color sampling software. Used in post-production, it offers a wide range of possibilities for feature films, advertising and multimedia production.

With its intuitive interface designed in the form of work areas, Resolve offers a host of tools dedicated to editing such as a multi-layered timeline as well as support for multi-camera editing. Among other editing possibilities, the user has many dynamic transitions, a specialized tool for titles as well as a crop that supports projects in HD up to 4K resolution.

How To Download DaVinci Resolve for Linux

DaVinci Resolve is also used for its capabilities in managing the calibration and colorimetry of your videos and images. The management of colorimetry is organized by nodes that can be arranged as needed. With multiple correction functions and filter calibration, exposure, color temperature, sharpness, tint, gamma, and white balance can be changed in RAW images.

In addition, this software is distinguished by several features such as image stabilization tools as well as 3D Tracking. Color professionals will find advanced tools like the ACES 1.0 colorimetric standard, calibration from HSL curves or using tools such as Soft Clip and Custom Curves.

To get started, the user can rely on a PDF manual in English of 1000 pages explaining the host of available features. For its part, the interface of DaVinci Resolve is easy to learn even if it is only available in English for the moment.

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Finally, note that this software is available free of charge in its version DaVinci Resolve while the version Resolve Studio, more complete, is available for purchase.

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