Download CrystalDiskInfo for Windows

So certainly CrystalDiskInfo isn’t the most versatile tool in the world, or even the prettiest (albeit offering multiple skins), but it does what it says it does and it does it well. We particularly like the detail of the information, the fact that it is free, light and available in many languages. A very good tool for hardware enthusiasts.

What to do with CrystalDiskInfo?

While some software such as AIDA64 or SiSoftware SANDRA Lite can retrieve information (and create reports) concerning all the components of its system; the editor hiyohiyo specialized in hard disk.
Better known for CrystalDiskMark, allowing you to benchmark your hard drive, it also edits CrystalDiskInfo, a free tool to recover information from internal or external drives.

What information is available?

The aim of the maneuver, to ensure that in addition to their performance (measurable with CrystalDiskMark), hard disks are working properly. The user will be able to consult:

  • the reference information of its disk: firmware version, serial number, interface, transfer mode, cache size, rotation speed, communication standards and characteristics
  • usage statistics: number of ignitions, number of operating hours
  • all SMART information: read error rate, average spin-up time, count of spin-up cycles, number of reallocated sectors, head access error rate, etc.

It is therefore above all this last information which will be able to give the user of the tracks on the general state of the disc. It will also be possible to visualize these data in the form of graphs in order to observe their evolution over time.

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Note that it will therefore be interesting to launch CrystalDiskInfo for example during a bench session carried out with CrystalDiskMark.

What about the interface?

CrystalDiskInfo benefits from a neat, intuitive interface available in French.

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