Download bluestacks-How to Download bluestacks for Android windows pc 10/8/7 32/64 bits [2021-2022]

BlueStacks is certainly in beta (with some known bugs), but is really promising. We are impatiently awaiting a Beta version or better a stable version. A software to test without hesitation for a second, if only to play some of the very good games available only on smartphones.

There are many emulators allowing, using the sources of mobile applications, to find them on his computer. These are, first of all, more or less legal and secondly more or less difficult to set up. And then there is BlueStacks: an extremely simple and all-in-one software for testing or simply using Android applications from Windows or Mac OS X.

Download bluestacks for Android windows pc 10/8/7 32/64 bits

For now in Alpha version (and Beta version on Windows), BlueStacks is therefore the possibility of accessing a large number of Android applications for free. The software is in the form of a “Dashboard” from which it will be possible to launch the few integrated applications for the time being.

Installing the software also allows you to install a BlueStacks folder in the launch bar, allowing quick access to your favorite apps. Whether messaging, news, music or gaming apps, this little bar is more than practical.

Before starting: The Mac version (Alpha-1) does not currently offer to add applications to the one integrated automatically. This feature, bringing it to the height of the Windows version, will be added with the next release of the Alpha-2 version.

Note: Still a little young, BlueStacks can sometimes come with a few bugs: software blocked at launch, slowdowns or restart of the computer …

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