Download BlueStacks for Windows 10

Do u want to Download BlueStacks for Windows 10 then u might need these steps to follow for downloading the bluestack for windows from the above links?

Why use Bluestacks?

Bluestacks is a free emulator for virtualizing the Android environment on a computer. This software is complete, free and in French. Note, however, that like other virtualization software, it still requires a good recent hardware configuration, Android emulation being greedy in system resources and in particular in RAM.

Out of its Beta phase since 2014, Bluestacks consolidates its status as a must-have by acquiring new functions over the course of updates. Now, version 4.0 of the software includes Android 7 Nougat. While this is clearly not the latest edition of Google’s system, the latter offers compatibility with nearly 95% of Android games and applications available on the Play Store.

Why emulate Android on Windows? Bluestacks allows you to find all its applications directly from a PC screen; The publisher is particularly focused on games that are becoming increasingly visually rich. It is thus possible to take advantage of a large screen and to connect a mouse or a controller.

But Bluestacks can also be particularly practical for a developer wishing to test an application under development from his working environment.


Install an Android app on Bluestacks

This version 4 of Bluestacks is much more streamlined and offers two methods of installing a game or an application. The user can thus go through the Play Store. Indeed, the latter is already installed. This means that it will be necessary to connect to your Google account in order to find all of its applications previously installed on a smartphone or tablet.

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It is also possible to perform a manual installation. To do this, it is necessary to recover an APK file and, like the manipulation on the smartphone, authorize the external sources.


Bluestack features

Bluestacks is translated into French and very easy to learn at first and to use on a daily basis. Apart from the daily installation of a recommended application, Bluestacks is ad-free and offers a loyalty points system as well as an integrated store.

The tabbed interface makes it easy to switch between apps and the tools at the bottom of the window allow you to turn the display to full screen, set a virtual GPS location, or capture the screen. The user can also customize various on-screen touch controls as desired.

The advanced options of Bluestacks allow you to modify the screen resolution, choose the graphics mode, between DirectX and OpenGL, the allocation of processor cores as well as the RAM allocated to the emulator.

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