Download Android Studio for Linux

Android Studio is an essential IDE for building and testing Android apps. It provides all the tools and features needed for development, from emulation to debugging to testing tools. The benchmark for Android development on Linux!

What does this software offer?

Android Studio for Linux is an integrated development environment, commonly abbreviated as IDE, developed by Google and available free of charge, which allows you to develop applications, tools and services dedicated to the Android operating system. It includes a host of tools and is primarily aimed at app and game developers.

Integrated tools:

Android Studio integrates the complete development kit, or SDK, including all the essential tools for Android development. It is also possible to download the different versions of Android and many other packages in order to add new features to the SDK with, among other things, debugging and software testing tools.

The user has the means to design projects for several types of Android devices such as smartphones and tablets but also TVs, watches and connected glasses. The IDE also allows you to design multilingual applications and test them using an emulator that offers dozens of screen resolutions.

And on the ergonomic side?

Just like in Windows and Linux, Android Studio is intended for experienced users, trained or in the process of training. With the Android community on the web being vast, it’s easy to find free online guides and courses for building Android apps from A to Z.

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