Download Amazon Music APK Free for Android

Amazon Music is the e-commerce giant’s music streaming platform. The service offers its users free access to the best music playlists and thousands of radio stations. Amazon Music is available as an app version for free download on mobile devices and computers. The platform is also accessible from Amazon Alexa devices and certain automobiles and smart TVs.

Amazon Music: Podcasts and more Android

Download Amazon Music: Podcasts & More for Android

What is Amazon Music

Amazon Music is a digital music streaming service operated by Amazon. Launched in beta on September 25, 2007 under the name Amazon MP3, the platform began selling digital music in 2008. All songs were then sold in MP3 format. The music streaming service was renamed in 2014 to the name Amazon Music. Amazon Music Unlimited, its premium catalog streaming service, was launched in late 2016.

Deployed only in the United States originally, Amazon decided to expand its scope by launching the service in the United Kingdom, Germany and France between 2008 and 2009. Then followed the turn of Austria and Switzerland on December 3, 2009, then Japan on November 10, 2010. The Spanish and Italian editions were launched on October 4, 2012 and the Mexican edition on November 7, 2018.

Amazon Music allows anyone with an Amazon account to view and listen to unlimited new releases, popular music and playlists automatically recommended by the platform. The service offers several paid subscription packages after the 30-day free trial period for those who want to take full advantage of the services offered by the platform.

After subscribing with an Amazon account, users can download and listen to their favorite tracks from a smartphone, computer, with Amazon Alexa and on select smart TVs.

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Why use Amazon Music?

Amazon Music offers a range of offers that target multiple user profiles. The most highlighted is naturally the audio, video and photo content accessible exclusively to those who have an Amazon account.

Hands-free mode with Amazon Alexa

This is arguably Amazon Music’s best asset. It is possible to launch the platform from an Amazon Echo speaker equipped with the Alexa voice assistant to take advantage of the hands-free mode. To do this, just simply say “Alexa, play [un titre de chanson et son auteur] »And the music will start automatically.

You can extend the search for a song from its lyrics. For example: “Alexa, play the song with the words“ And time flies, no I don’t regret anything ”” and Alexa will launch Time passes by Johnny Hallyday and Minister Amer.

There may be times when the intelligent assistant chooses a cover rather than the original. In this case, we can ask “Alexa, what cover is it?” And you will get an answer. You just have to remember to always start each voice command with the activation word “Alexa”.

Download Amazon Music

Audio, video and photo

Amazon Music stands out with its multimedia catalog. The user, after activating his Amazon account, downloading and installing the application, will be able to choose from over 70 million tracks, hundreds of playlists, stations and personalized recommendations. In addition, it can integrate the titles and albums into the library of the service.

The same goes for video clips and photos. You can listen to and view the titles, photo albums and video clips already stored on the devices. Just download the tracks using the device storage to integrate them into your media library.

Wide choice of subscription

For those who want to test the platform, Amazon Music Free allows its users to register for free and enjoy its unlimited media library, including advertisements, for 30 days. The user can launch the songs he wants to listen to, watch videos, enjoy the best playlists and to thousands of radio stations.

After the trial period, customers can subscribe to multiple paid plans. Amazon Prime which is an ad-free on-demand service providing online and offline access to several sub-services including Prime Music. With this service, listening is unlimited and without advertising with more than 2 million additional songs.

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Available online and offline with the ability to download songs, Prime Photos is a secure storage space with 24-hour access to an unlimited amount of photos.

Prime Reading gives free access to a selection of over a thousand books, magazines, comics and literary works.

The Amazon Music HD subscription is also a very high quality paid subscription with over 60 million titles in HD and UHD. This catalog is enriched with more than a thousand titles mastered in Dolby Atmos and Sony 360 Reality Audio codecs. These titles are available in 3D audio on Amazon Echo Studio.

Amazon Music Unlimited offers 3 plans, including individual, family, and echo / fire TV. With this last package, it is possible to listen to more than 60 million songs unlimited and to scroll through the lyrics like a karaoke where you can see and follow the lyrics simultaneously to the rhythm of the music.

What are the new features of Amazon Music?

Car mode

One of the latest additions to Amazon Music is Car Mode. We note that the font size has become larger, the controls are simplified and the presets are completely refined and personalized to facilitate access to the media library. To use Car Mode, all you have to do is activate the car’s Bluetooth and at the same time access the application settings on the smartphone.

New XRay features

This feature isn’t new to Amazon, but it’s still new to Amazon Music. The new XRay functions allow you to see additional information about the music you are listening to. This feature is available across the world and on tens of millions of songs. It includes “fun facts” for some popular people in the US and UK.

Amazon Music is available as a web version and as an app for free download on all PC and Mac computers. You have to go to the Amazon site, log in with your account and click on the “Amazon Music” tab to access all the music streaming offers available.

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The application is also available in a mobile version and on smart TVs. For devices running Android and iOS, just go to the respective store and download the app for free. Amazon Music requires at least version 5.0 for Android and iOS 13 for an iPhone / iPad / iPod touch.

Amazon Music is only accessible to people with an Amazon account. If you do not already have one, it is necessary that you register in order to benefit from Amazon’s streaming services.

What are the alternatives to Amazon Music?


Spotify is currently number one in the media streaming market. The platform brings together millions of titles, new music and several thousand podcasts. Everything is offered in playlists and personalized recommendations. To enjoy Spotify, just download the app for free from the app stores. It is also available in a web version.


Deezer is another alternative to Amazon Music. The French streaming platform occupies an important place in the market in terms of multimedia streaming. Available directly on the website in addition to the Android and iOS mobile app, Deezer offers a free plan for anyone who wants to get a taste of what the service has to offer. In unlimited listening, but including advertisements, these millions of titles will be available in high definition and without annoying advertisements on the paid subscriptions.

YouTube Music

Last, but not least, if you want to try or switch platforms, is YouTube Music. Developed by YouTube, this streaming service platform offers its users thousands of playlists, official versions of millions of songs, albums, radios from famous artists, in addition to music videos that are already online on the official YouTube site. YT Music is accessible to everyone by downloading the application from the iOS and Apple store and also on a computer in web version.

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