Download Adobe Photoshop CC 2021 for Windows

Adobe Photoshop remains the undisputed benchmark for editing software. Its ergonomics have been improved to also satisfy neophytes. Artificial intelligence is magic. It detects and automates dozens of tedious steps for impeccable rendering. This software is aimed more at professionals, but is suitable for all creatives, lovers of the image, accepting to pay a subscription.

Why use Adobe Photoshop CC 2021?

Photoshop is so popular that it has become synonymous with “retouching a photo” in common parlance. This success is explained by its hegemony in the professional world, the press, fashion, marketing or even as a benchmark to measure the performance of a PC.

Photo retouching

Importing an image and transforming it to improve it or adapt it to your needs is the very essence of Photoshop. Over the years, the number of tools has grown. As in real life, each tool has a well-defined task to act on the texture, color, density of an element or an area. This element is easily selectable with in particular the famous “magic wand” or the recent command “Select a subject”. The selection is used to change or, on the contrary, to preserve an element or an area from modifications. The software is also responsible for rotating, cropping, resizing a photo, to correspond to certain criteria (“weight of less than 1 MB” for example) or to specifications (for example “HD 1920 x 1080 px”). Any operation can be canceled thanks to a history. It is easy to correct defects (dust, cuts, wires, etc.) and imperfections (stains, difference in colors, etc.) on a few pixels or large areas of a photo. A tool also exists to replace a selected area with another. The modifications can be made snapshot by snapshot or automatically on a batch of images. Advanced users can create scripts (VB Script, JavaScript …) to perform personalized automatic processes.

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The drawing

Besides the retouching functions, Photoshop is also a powerful drawing software (pencil, pen, brush …) with in particular the recent symmetry of paint function. The user can duplicate elements or shapes, modify their dimensions and rotate them, repeatedly. It is able to add sophisticated texts to create advertisements or posters, intended for paper or digital media. The software no longer works only in two dimensions, but also in 3D (extrusion and spherical panorama in particular) or in video. Dynamic objects are bridges to communicate between the software of the Adobe CC suite. This software is often essential to prepare files before importing them into Premiere Pro, Dreamweaver or InDesign for example.

Layers, filters and other modules

Photoshop’s philosophy lies in layers. Each layer contains a set of image edits. It is independent and its modification therefore does not degrade the original image. The user can stack as many layers (grouped together or not) as he wishes. He can merge them, add them, subtract them, use only one area, one component (red, green, blue …) or a property (transparency …) of this layer. With suitable filters, the colorimetry, the contrast, the sharpness, the rendering of a person or a landscape (perspective for example) are metamorphosed. For people working with raw (RAW) files, Photoshop integrates Camera Raw to develop them, without going through third-party software like Lightroom. Other modules from other editors can be integrated. The software is often criticized for being difficult to access to the general public and for becoming a “gas factory”. These criticisms are tempered by the profusion of tutorials on the web. In addition, Adobe’s photo editing software now relies on education. There were already videos and explanatory tips produced by Adobe, but Photoshop now integrates Discover. This function is in fact an internal search engine for Adobe tutorials and tips, without leaving the software interface. She also searches the Adobe Stock Image Bank.

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Sensei, Adobe’s artificial intelligence is increasingly present in Photoshop. Adobe’s flagship software lets you move an object in a scene by automatically filling the background. In this latest version, the user can also replace the sky without having to carry out tedious preparatory steps. AI also doubles the resolution of images by extrapolating the pixels in “super resolution” mode. But, the power of Sensei is even more spectacular with neural filters. Here, artificial intelligence analyzes and transforms faces. It changes the direction of the gaze or smoothes facial imperfections. A sad portrait can become smiling and vice versa. AI also colors a black & white photo. These amazing features are still in beta and require an internet connection.


Photoshop in the cloud

Photoshop has been part of CC (aka Creative Cloud) since 2013. Raw or modified images can thus be stored in the Adobe cloud (20 GB minimum). They can come from mobile software (Android / iOS) Photoshop Camera, Photoshop Express, Lightroom or Photoshop. This software accelerates production before finalization on the computer.

To adapt to new modes of work, decentralized, nomadic, collaborative, the software synchronizes the editing parameters and proposes modifications on the part of guests. All version changes are reversible in the history. The switch to a subscription (monthly or annual) is quite expensive (from 12 € / month), but includes an armada of incredible tools, including Lightroom. Adobe online services like Fresco (tablet painting), Portofolio (showcase website creation), Fonts (typography bank) and Spark (web artwork creation) are included with the Creative Cloud subscription. A 7-day trial version allows you to discover the richness of this software.

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