ColorPic is a software that allows you to capture a specific color present on your screen in order to reuse it as you wish. Indeed, ColorPic works with the “eyedropper” function that exists in most photo editing software and which allows you to extract an existing color and reuse it. This software therefore allows designers or any …

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Perfect Diet Tracker

Perfect Diet Tracker is a software that helps you track your diet.Depending on the weight and the set goal, the software will suggest anappropriate diet. You can also choose your ownpersonalized plan. Follow daily, using the calendar, the progress curve or the calorie counter, your diet by adding the products you consume, in a database of …

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Music Mixer

Music Mixer is a tool for all music lovers.It has several functions allowing you to edit songs by adding a voice to a karaoke file, for example, to create mixes of several songs, to arrange connections or quite simply to create electronic music. For this, Music Mixer has a simple and intuitive interface allowing you …

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Tetris 3000

Tetris 3000 is an improved version of the popular Tetris puzzle game. As a reminder, Tetris is a game whose principle is to place pieces of geometric shapes such as cubes, bars, “Z”, “T”, etc., to form complete lines. The object of the game is to form as many lines as possible and never reach the top …

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7 Sticky Notes

7 Sticky Notes is a free desktop note management software for Windows. It is meant to be as realistic as possible, and may give you the impression of having stuck a post-it on your screen! 7 Sticky Notes allows to separate notes by groups or categories, to synchronize them online, to share them with other users. It …

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IPsO is an IP speed monitor. It shows instant as well as average upload and download speeds, and also transferred volumes. IPsO presents you with a graph containing the flow rate history over a minute or over an hour. There is also the possibility of having access to more elaborate graphs which present a history over 10 minutes …

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Goat Simulator

Goat Simulator is a simulator in which you play as a goat who must cause as much damage as possible. Its development started from a joke when the Coffee Stain studio published the video of a goat simulator which had no other purpose than to test the Unreal Engine 3 game engine. eventually developed and released …

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Picture plus

Photo Plus is a free image creation and editing software that allows you to improve your shots and create compositions very easily. Like Paint.NET, the application fails to compete with paid solutions such as Adobe Photoshop, but it remains one of the best freeware of its kind. The software has a correct graphical interface and neat …

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myCollections is a free application to manage all kinds of libraries such as a collection of software, books, games or movies. The software has specific forms depending on the type of content you want to inventory. These forms detail all the information relating to a content. The software is able to read a barcode or an ISBN …

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Magic Lantern

Magic Lantern is a software to create dynamic and pleasant slideshows. Indeed, Magic Lantern gives you access to many transition effects to go from one photo to another and allows you to add captions to your photos as well as sound recordings.  Using this software is simple and consists of importing a selection of photos, after …

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