Download Windows 11 ISO final version

This is it, we are the October 5, 2021, date that had been announced by Microsoft for the release of Windows 11. The early adopters had already thrown on the Insider version but here is finally available the final RTM version of Windows 11. The download is free on the Microsoft site, you just have to follow this guide to obtain the ISO file in French or in another language.

This is the very first finalized version of Windows 11, the one released to the public and businesses. Subsequently and as with Windows 10, there will be other versions that will be offered by Microsoft, depending on the updates of the operating system. If the pace of W10 is maintained, it will be one upgrade per semester that we will receive, which is two new ISOs to download each year.

This tutorial shows how download the ISO file of Windows 11 in the first final version. An operation free and legal offered by Microsoft.

Again, Windows 11 download is free, only OS activation requires a license. This does not prevent you from discovering and using W11 without having to pay a penny and without having to download a pirate version with a crack (and viruses).

Please note, Windows 11 is still very young despite the version being announced as final and therefore marketed. In addition, many computers will not be able to receive Windows 11. A chance for older PCs that will not be impacted by a heavy upgrade, too bad for those who wanted to benefit from the latest Windows. Remember that the Windows 7/8/10 update to Windows 11 is free and legal.

Free Download Windows 11 final in ISO

1. Go to the site Windows 11 download (Microsoft official site).

2. Scroll down to the ” Windows 11 Disk Image (ISO) Download ” , to select ” Windows 11 “In the list and click on the blue button” To download ” to start :

Free Windows 11 ISO Download Tutorial

3. Select the language (French) and click on ” To confirm “:

Free Windows 11 ISO Download Tutorial

4. Start the download with the button ” 64-bit Download “:

Free Windows 11 ISO Download Tutorial

5. The file Win11_French_x64.iso weighs 5.13GB. It is therefore necessary to be patient while waiting to be able to install Windows 11 on a computer or in a virtual machine.

What to do with the Windows 11 ISO file?

Create a USB key from the installation of Windows 11

Create a virtual machine with Windows 11