Download WeTransfer for Windows

WeTransfer offers an ultra-accessible and efficient file transfer service. Even if some options are restricted, the free version is more than sufficient for files related to photography. For films, it will be necessary to avoid that they exceed 2 GB per file available in the free version. The whole remains however very appreciable. We recommend.

What is WeTransfer for?

If media of all kinds are multiplying a little more every day on the Web, it is still a little complicated to send large files as easily as emails. some e-mail services directly graft an external storage solution; this is for example the case of + OneDrive or Gmail + Google Drive. For its part, Wetransfer wants to be an agnostic service and above all very easy to use.

WeTransfer comes in the form of a web service and if it is particularly popular it is because there is no need to create a free version account. The latter allows you to send files by email by creating a download link. A very useful service for sharing what you want in private. the file will be stored on a third party server for a short time, while the download can be done on the recipient’s side

WeTransfer Capture

How to proceed ?

At first glance, the site is very simple: all the steps are combined in a clean interface. And this particularly minimalist ergonomics is rather pleasant and without frustration

The user must therefore attach his files (up to 2 GB per download), the email address of the contact (s), his own (to receive a confirmation of downloading the files) and finally, the possibility of adding a message. .

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The recipient will then receive a download link redirecting to the service’s site, while the user will receive a confirmation email.

A version Pro :

However, the site offers a paid version at a price of 12 euros per month. The latter offers file password protection, but also customizable pages. A company will therefore be able to affix its brand image on the download page.

The subscription allows you to share on social networks, but especially the sending of files goes up to 20 GB. The user also benefits from an online storage space of 1 TB, for example for y store documents frequently shared with third parties.

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