Download the offline installation of Google Chrome

Convenient to install the Google Chrome browser when the internet connection speed is too low, the Google site is overloaded or some problem prevents the classic installation of the software, here is theoffline installation (offline), standalone, standalone from Google Chrome. This installation package will also find its place on the USB key of computer technicians and on corporate software deployment servers in order to speed up the installation of the Google Chrome browser on several workstations.

Also, using the Google Chrome Standalone offline installation allows you to add the browser to all sessions of the machine. Thus, all users of the Windows computer will have the Google Chrome icon on the Desktop. Chrome Standalone installs in C: Program Files and not in the user’s profile. This is an important difference with the classic version of the installation of Chrome, the only solution to have the web browser in multi-user mode on the same computer.

Those looking for Google Chrome Portable or GoogleChromePortable will be disappointed because the version standalone is a portable and offline setup, not the software in working order. Google does not provide software in a portable version to use it from a USB key or without installing from the web or full setup as described in this tutorial.

Download and install the Google Chrome offline setup

1. Go to the next page:

2. Download the offline installation of Google Chrome for all computer users by clicking ” Download Chrome “:

google chrome standalone download free

It’s a direct link to the portable and stand-alone version. For regulars, this page is identical to the classic installation of Chrome, that is to say online (websetup), but it is indeed the full offline version of the browser.

3. The download is immediate.

4. Copy the downloaded file to another computer and run the ChromeStandaloneSetup.exe Where ChromeStandaloneSetup64.exe (installation in 64bits) to install the browser without additional download on network workstations or to avoid downloading the tens of megabytes of the Google Chrome setup.