Download the offline installation of Avast Antivirus

By default, the installation of the Avast antivirus software is done using a “web setup”, ie a small executable file is downloaded which will download the rest of the program in the background. To install the antivirus on a computer with a bad internet connection, that the Avast server is overloaded or that one installs antivirus in spades, the solution is to have theoffline, standalone, Avast antivirus installation. This complete setup will be easier and faster to install on several computers.

This is about download the offline installation of the free Avast antivirus, to be installed on home PCs. For businesses, Avast offers protection packs adapted to Windows fleets, servers and workstations.

Download the free Avast antivirus offline setup

1. Go to the page:

2. The download will start automatically, or go to “click here” to start it manually.

3. The complete file avast_free_antivirus_setup_offline.exe downloads, it weighs more than 300MB.

It will then suffice to install the program on a computer equipped with Windows.