Download the new version of Windows 10

Windows 10 2004 is here major update (named 8:1 p.m.) available since May 27, 2020.

As usual there are bug fixes, adding new features like system reset from the cloud.

The update is free and also allows you to upgrade from old versions of Windows 10. Here’s how download and install Windows 10 2004.

Windows 10 2004: Some Precautions Before Upgrading

Back up your computer

Even though Microsoft has improved a lot in the process of upgrading Windows 10, this type of operation is sensitive. Updating an operating system can go wrong.

This is why it is essential to back up your computer before any update.

Mandatory Windows 10 Update?

Eventually yes in order to benefit from the support. However, we have to wait a little while for the few known bugs to be corrected.

For professionals it is recommended to test this update before going into production. Some business applications may malfunction after the Windows 10 2004 update.

Download and install Windows 10 2004

There are several solutions to download the WIndows 10 2004 ISO:

  • Update Windows 20H1 from Windows Update
  • The upgrade kit
  • Create Windows 10 installation media
  • Upgrade from the installation media creation tool
  • Download ISO Windows 10 2004 from our direct link.

Download Iso Windows 10

Update Windows 20H1 with Windows Update

This solution is the most transparent since it is done from the Windows Update system. If your computer is eligible for the update you must find it in the menus Windows Update from your PC.

Windows Update Windows 10

Windows 10 2004 on Windows Update
Starting in version 1909, Windows no longer automatically downloads major updates.

Upgrade Windows 10 with the KIT

the Microsoft Upgrade Kit is available on the official page.

windows 10 2004 upgrade kit

Once download run it in order to upgrade your system.

Windows 10 upgrade

You have to wait until the update is complete.

Creating installation media for Windows

This method is used to perform a clean Windows installation. This gives you a brand new and fresh system.

The installation media can also be used to upgrade.

Download the Media Creation Tool

Windows Media Creation Tool Download

Accept the general conditions, let the tools prepare the elements then select “Create installation media

create installation media

We leave the default options since Windows 10 64 bits is used in 99% of cases.

support options installation windows 10

Once your ISO file is downloaded you can Burn to a USB stick which will allow you to boot on the key to install Windows 10 2004.

It is also possible to upgrade your Windows installation by mounting the ISO image on your computer and then clicking on the setup.exe

Windows 10 upgrade

Upgrading Windows 10 allows you to migrate a computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10 AND Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.

Of course it also allows you to switch from a Windows 10 version to the Windows 10 version (20H1)

By clicking on the setup.exe you have the choice of upgrade your version of Windows.

iso windows 10 setup.exe

Windows 10 ISO direct link download

As Microsoft’s servers are in high demand, we make the ISO file available for direct download.

Download ISO Windows 10 2004

The disk image comes from official Microsoft servers. So you can install Windows 10, upgrade without problem.

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