Download SuperSU ZIP [latest]: Root your Android phone using TWRP (Updated 2019)

Download SuperSU ZIP -Android Operating System is the most popular and most widely used operating system. The best thing about android is that it allows you to do lot many customizations in your device. Android has come a long way by bringing many new versions on yearly basis starting from the first version, the jelly bean, KitKat to the latest Pie 9.0, Android has been giving the best versions with many new features added each time.

download supersu zip

download supersu zip

Although there are many good features available, not everyone likes all the features and the software support. Here is the best way for such seekers.  By this guide, you will be able to root any of your android phone and change and customize according to your desire. There are the lot of things which you can do by rooting your android phone.

What is SuperSU?

SuperSU is known as the best application for root apps. This SuperSU allows the latest management of the superuser access rights for all the applications on your device that need the root. This plays a very important role and has a great influence in the field of international security. For Android developers and gamers, this is actually an amazing tool.

There are some problems imposed by carriers and hardware manufacturers which they put on some devices. This SuperSU rooting process overcomes all these problems. It also allows users to change the system settings and applications. There are some special applications that require some administrative level permission. This SuperSU root also allows the users to run these applications. There is also a chance to perform some of the tasks that cannot be performed by the normal android user.

Some of the features of SuperSU Root.

  • The SuperSU Root allows you to run special applications on your device.
  • This also allows you to delete and remove the unnecessary files and folders from the smart devices.
  • SuperSU allows you to root your device.
  • The battery life of the devices increases and it also improves the performance by increasing the performance speed.
  • The unnecessary ads can be blocked. It will allow you to install custom ROMs.
  • It saves the internal storage as the storage of the app doesn’t consume a lot of space.
  • This SuperSU Root has a very interactive user interface.
  • There will be complete root access to the Android operating system.

How to Root Android phone using SuperSU ZIP

There are a lot of confusions when you are going to root your android device. This will be more if you’re a new one to root your phone. The improper and unmanaged root access has the possibility to allow any app to perform its actions on your Android device creating a lot of confusions and malware of your personal data. But, this will not happen when you install SuperSU ZIP to root your android device.

SuperSU is always considered as the most efficient and effective root solution for Android by Chainfire.

Pre-requirements you need to know before rooting your device

  • Firstly, before rooting your android device using SuperSU zip, the OEM unlocking should be enabled to unlock the phone’s bootloader.
  • The TWRP recovery must also be installed in your android device.

  • Make sure that you have a complete backup of your device file and data. It’s better to have a nandroid backup of the entire ROM.
  • The USB Debugging must be enabled on your Android device. To enable USB Debugging:
  • Go to About phone > tap on the Build Number 5 times.
  • The phone will show the notification saying that you are 2 steps away from being a Developer.
  • Now just enable the option “Developer Options”
  • Lastly, install the Android SDK tools on your computer with which you have to connect your phone.

Know Download SuperSU ZIP

There are two different channels through which the Chainfire will provide the SuperSU root packages. The SR (Service release) / BETA and the Stable versions. I suggest the latest BETA version is always better as it has the most recent updates and also supports the newer Android versions (Oreo 8.0 and 8.1)

Know how to root the android device using SuperSU ZIP

  • Firstly, download the flashable root ZIP file package.
  • Later, connect your Android device to the Computer with the help of the USB cable. Try to use the original USB cable which you have got with your Android device to avoid errors.
  • On the android device, you need to root, enable the MTP/Transfer files mode.
  • Now transfer these downloaded ZIP file to the internal/external storage of the Android device. After this disconnect, your phone from the PC.

  • Later, by using the button combinations, boot your device into TWRP recovery. You can also use the ADB command ‘abd reboot recovery’ to boot the device into TWRP recovery.
  • Now in TWRP mode, select After this select the ZIP file from the storage.
  • After selecting the ZIP file from the storage, do Swipe to confirm Flash on the button of the screen to install SuperSU ZIP on Android.
  • As for last, select ‘Reboot System’

By following these steps you can root your android device and also install the official companion application. Hence, you can use root-enabled apps and your device will ask you to allowing/deny root permissions once it is rebooted. Later you can update the official application directly from the play store very easily.

Advantages of rooting your Android smartphone

After rooting your phone you can do several changes as the way you want it to be, as you will be having the complete hold on your Android device. You can install many custom ROMs for the rooted Android device. Rooting your phone allows you to use the third-party applications and tools and install MODs to fix the issues.

By rooting your Android phone you can increase the performance of it. There are many applications available which you can use to increase the performance and RAM of your rooted smartphone. You can do ‘n’ number of customizations on your device. The looks of the device, looks of the UI can be changed. You can make the device to look the way you need it.

You can also Overclock the processor after rooting your Android phone. By overclocking the processor, the speed of the processor will be increased. By flashing or using some tweaks you can increase the battery backup of the Android device.

In many of the Android phones, heating the phone with more usage is the common problems. If you root your Android phone, it allows you to install many other apps through which the heating of the device problem can be solved.

Disadvantages of supersu

Along with all the above advantages, there are few disadvantages with rooting an Android smartphone. There is always a risk of bricking of the device when you root the phone. This risk is more when you root any Android phone using PC. Hence, the best option is to root the device without using the PC.

About the warranty, yes the warranty will not be applicable once the device is rooted. But if you unroot it again there are chances of the warranty being applicable again, but not always.

Another one is the update issue. The Android device will not receive any OTA updates officially. The user needs to flash it manually. If the user flashes any wrong file there is again a chance of the device getting bricked.

How to uninstall SuperSU?

  • Firstly, open the SuperSU
  • Move to the Settings
  • Select the Cleanup section from the settings.
  • Now tap on the Full Unroot. After this, you can uninstall SuperSU and unroot your device.
  • Confirm the process by selecting
  • Finally, Reboot your android device.

What is a SuperSU APK?

SuperSU is a superuser freedom management tool. This allows you to manage the rights enjoyed by all the apps you have installed. It will manage your Android device totally. This will also help you to convert the apps into a system app.


Finally, you got the way to root your android device by using SuperSU. You can use all the root apps on your device now. You can also tweak your device with mods and do a lot more on your rooted phone. Customize your android phone to your desire and enjoy the new rooted applications on your phone.

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