Download Movie Maker for Windows 10

the Movie Maker video editing software is not included with Windows 10 but can be downloaded for free and use it like on Windows XP and Windows 7.

Easier to use than Adobe Premiere Elements Where Pinnacle Studio, the free Movie Maker program allows you to stitch videos, cut movies and make photo slideshow with background music.

Download Movie Maker (Free)

The Movie Maker software is part of the “Windows Essentials” pack to download here:

Download “Windows Essentials 2012 (Français)” WindowsEssentials2012-fr.exe – Downloaded 231958 times – 1 MB

Install Movie Maker on Windows 10

1. Double click on the file ” WindowsEssentials2012-en To start the installation.

2. Click on ” Choose the programs to install “:


3. Uncheck the boxes Messenger, Mail and Writer to leave only ” Photo Gallery and Movie Maker “:

tutorial install Movie Maker Windows 10 software

4. The installation is done automatically.

tutorial install free Movie Maker Windows 10

Optional if the installation requires it: click on ” Download and install this feature For .NET Framework 3.5. If that doesn’t work, follow this guide.

tutorial free installer NET Framework Windows 10

5. The installation takes a few moments and a message warns that it is successful.

tutorial install free Movie Maker Windows 10

6. The Movie Maker icon does not install on the desktop. Look for the “Movie Maker” program in the Start menu Windows (to the letter M).

7. Accept the “Microsoft service contract” and validate the authorization request with “Yes”.

8. The Movie Maker program for Windows 10 is started!

tutorial install free Movie Maker Windows 10

To learn how to use it, just follow this easy to understand guide.