The best LG Flash Tool to Flash KDZ and TOT Firmware

Firstly founded as Goldstar now, LG is one of the multinational electronics company which is headquartered in South Korea. LG basically has four different sections in their business units, Mobile communications, Home appliances, and Air solutions, Home entertainment and Vehicle Components. LG is also the world’s second-largest television manufacturer. For now, LG products include televisions, refrigerators, computer monitors, smart appliances and smartphones as well.

lg flash tool

lg flash tool

LG has released many smartphones and tablets also. It launched its first Android Smartphone in 2009 and its first Android Tablet in 2011. From the starting G series to the latest V40 ThinQ, LG has been giving a good competition in smartphones and tablets too.

What is an LG Flash Tool?

An LG flash tool is designed for flash stock rooms and custom ROMs on your LG Smartphones. Along with this, the latest version of LG Flash Tool supports KDZ files which are larger than 1GB.

Now let us know some features of LG Flash Tool:

  • LG Flash tool is the modified version of UpTestEX v1.2.3.1
  • This flash tool has a simple and user-friendly interface.
  • The LG flash tool works on the latest version and there is no need for installing the LG Mobile Support Tool.
  • Another best option is that there is no need for modifying host files or even run HTTP servers for bypass.
  • There are no language issues as the English language is set as default.

You can use the LGUP tool and Mega.dll for free installing of stock KDZ and TOT firmware. There are many versions of the LG flash tool which we can download according to our desire and availability. Some are:

  • LG Flash Tool 2014
  • LG Flash Tool 2015
  • LG Flash Tool 2016
  • LG Flash Tool 2016 (patched)
  • LG Flash Tool (2018)

If you are using an Android phone, you must know certain things such as performing a factory reset, knowing the hardware key combinations to reboot the phone into the bootloader and recovery modes and also about installing the stock firmware on the Android device.

Firmware is an application and operating system that controls the behavior and operations of the LG smart phone and also helps in getting periodic updates in your LG Smart phones. There are many ways you can install the stock firmware for your device. You can download using ADB and fastboot commands. For this, you must use the firmware flashing tools such as Odin for Samsung and LG Flash tool for LG devices on some OEM devices. If there are any problems in the LG phone or if there is a need to upgrade or downgrade the LG phone, then the LG Flash tool is the must have the thing.

Pre-requirements to flash stock ROM with LG Flash tool

  • Firstly, there is a need for a windows computer to execute the application.
  • ADB and Fastboot driver has to be installed. Now download the latest version of LG Flash Tool.
  • all files to replace in the file location.
  • The latest version of the USB driver software has to be installed. Also, collect the USB data cable that will suite better to your LG smartphone.

Know how to Flash LG KDZ Rom

  • Firstly, download and install the latest version of the USB driver software.
  • Now extract the compressed zip file and then execute the application on your computer.
  • Boot your LG smartphone into download load. To operate your phone in download:

Turn off your LG smartphone and boot it into the download mode by pressing Volume Down + Home + Power buttons at the same time for 2-3 seconds. The screen will send the notification with a yellow exclamation. Press the Volume Up key for entering the Download Mode.

  • Later, connect the LG smartphone to your computer using the proper USB cable.
  • Click on the Select KDZ file area. Now load the downloaded KDZ file into the application.
  • Fill the required details from the next form by clicking the start button. After this continue the process.
  • Wait until the process is being completed without operating the device.
  • Once the complete flash mechanism is finished, you will notify that the flash has been completed.

LGUP Tool for Flash KDZ or Factory Reset

LGUP is another LG family flashing tool that addresses the KDZ firmware and even to reset devices to the factory settings.  This LGUP is actually the updates version of the LG Flash Tool. Through LGUP you will be able to boot up faster, launch app repairs or restore to factory settings. The latest tool allows you to upgrade to MM from the regular LP files without any data loss.

You can download the MM KDZ stock firmware to make any changes with the application. This method is completely reversible and you can also restore the LP file again by the same way replacing MM to LP. Flash stock ROM firmware with LGUP is the most simple and easier one.

Follow are the steps to stock ROM firmware flashing with LGUP.

  • Firstly, turn off your LG Smartphone and close the application form your computer.
  • Now boot the LG smartphone into download mode. The method to boot the smartphone in download mode is mention in the above section.
  • Later open the previously detailed LG flash on your PC.
  • Load TOT or KDZ firmware by setting the LG Flash tool to use ‘Board DL’.
  • Finally, start flashing with board DL option.

Few troubleshoot tips for any errors

  • If you are not able to execute your LG smartphone flash tool on the desired windows computer, just try to install a visual C++ runtime library.
  • If you get any notification saying that the LG phone is disconnected from your PC, first check the USB port connected. If at all you have attached to a USB 3.0, detach the code and connect it to USB 2.0 one.
  • If the application does not perform properly, check whether the downloaded LG Flash version works properly.
  • To prevent error connections, install all the required tools and DLL files before starting the process.
  • Before starting the mobile device in the downloaded mode, enable the USB debugging. To enable USB Debugging:

Download Lg Flash Tool 2018 2019 From here 

Go to About phone > tap on the Build Number for 5 times.

The phone will show the notification saying that you are 2 steps away from being a Developer.

Now just enable the option “Developer Options”

  • The downloaded KDZ file must be completely compatible with the device build number.
  • Select ‘Normal Flash’ from the interface, if you want to run the flashing process without losing data.

Refresh the LG smartphone by wiping all the files. Restore back the boot files, use ‘CSE Flash’ when you are starting the flash procedure.

  • When you are using the LGUP application, install LGUP_8994_DLL_Ver_0_0_3_23 first and then install LGUP_Install_Ver_1_14_3 to avoid errors of the flash tool.
  • If in case the LGUP displays your device as an unknown device, don’t switch off the mobile using the power button. Remove the battery of the device and replace it again. Let the mobile device start automatically.

The full credit goes to the XDA developer for creating this application. Use this flashing tool for the best results of repairing devices from the software issues.

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