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KMSPico for Windows 8 – 8.1 Activator KMSpico Download

KMSPico for Windows 8: It is evident that Windows users look forward to someone to help them for a full version. Are you surprised by this statement? If so, we will tell you the reason. Windows OS lets you work on Desktop or Laptop with a simple Graphical User Interface. It further gives you more convenience to install any software with a sequence of clicks. It also lets you access the drives even if the users do not have technical knowledge. Such is the beauty of Windows OS.

Windows 8 – 8.1 Activator KMSpico Download

The KMS stands for Key Management Service and it’s a way to activate a large number of PCs such as in schools, colleges or universities. So each PC uses a unique code that identified what operating system was used and it syncs up with the server activation along with that host key.

  • With that said, this software not only activates all editions of Windows 8 and 8.1, but it also supports older versions of OS. However, if you are using Win7 (any editions), we recommend you to use Win Loader v2.2.2 by Daz.
  • Great activator – With this tool, you can expect a high activation success rate if you use it correctly.
  •  100% lifetime genuine activation – Not like some other loaders that is not a permanent solution. If you use this kms tool and once the product activated, it will detect and run the infinite loop of automatic activation.
  • Full-auto activation – Doesn’t need any manual intervention, so simple that just clicks the button and let the program do the rest in the background! In a few seconds, it will show the activation results.
  •  Parallel activation – Support the both Win and Office activation at the same time, and automatically identify the version or edition.
  •  Clean and free of malware – Don’t release any unnecessary files that will harm your computer. Make sure you get it from reliable sources
  • Offline activation – No Internet connection required during the activation process.
  • Very easy to use – Once you installed the tool (follow the step-by-step guide below), just one-click can activate your OS or MS Office.
  • Support 32-bit & 64-bit versions system – The tool do the activation in one package with automatic detection and hence that is not a problem no matter which software version you are using.
  • Support latest OS – It activates the almost all new Operating Systems and Microsoft Office versions (see the table below).
  • All languages supported – As you may know, all the Microsoft products are available in many languages, luckily the tool support all languages.

Latest Windows Operating Systems do offer much more advanced features. But the hassle is the cost of the Windows OS full version. Hence, many of the users, after working on Trial version look forward to assisting to make the trial version a full version. At this juncture, KMSpico software offers great support to such users. With KMSpico Download, you can activate Windows OS versions later to XP. Moreover, if you have Windows 8 or 8.1 and you want to activate it for free of cost, you can safely opt KMSpico Download.

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Windows 8 Activator KMSpico Download KMSpico Windows 8 – 8.1 Activator Features:

• This activator is 100% Safe. Further, you can securely complete your Windows activation to activate for free of cost.
• There are excellent and cool features included in the Latest Version of Activator. Other user-level tools are also part of it.
• You have an option to select your windows version and edition.
• There are Zero Hidden Charges, or no payment is necessary for you.
• You can conveniently activate your Windows just with a few numbers of clicks.
• A significant benefit is that You will get a LifeTime activation by using KMSpico.
• Further, you do need an Internet connection after you download KMSpico. It can work offline during activation of your Windows versions.
• Moreover, your activation looks precisely the official version. Hence, if you are worried about getting notified, just take out your worries, keep working happily.
 Now let us understand more about KMSpico download and installation.

Downloading Steps of KMSpico :

KMSpico software is a successful activator for Windows Operating Systems. Before the developers have released the software onto the internet, they have tested vigorously. Moreover, the User community of Windows 7, Window 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 gave their feedback at higher points. So there is no doubt you can get benefit from this KMSpico software. While you have a better understanding of Windows activation through the KMSpico Download, we tell you more benefits about it. These are the following steps of downloading KMSpico

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Download and Install the KMS Pico Instructions

1. Now you should know that the official KMSPico v10.2.0 was great and the program can really help in activating the Windows 8/8.1. So, what is next? Yes…get the software and install it to the PC that you wish to be activated. Here are the step-by-step instructions
2. (For Win 7 or lower users only) make sure your PC was installed with the .NET Framework 4.0+
3. You can freely download the latest version of KMS pico.
4. Note: If you downloaded the file from another location, we don’t know what other people do with the file. The file you downloaded here only has false positives so it’s safe.
5. Uninstall any older version of the applicable (if any) by running cmd (Right-click and click on Run as administrator file in the zip folder) OR use the program uninstaller from the Control Panel.
6. Double-click on the setup .exe file (in the folder) to start installing the activator. Click OK if you see anything pop-up. You can see the welcome screen as follow:
7. From the welcome
8. From the License Agreement image, select ‘I accept the agreement’ option and click the Next button to continue the .e screen, click on the Next button to continue.
9. You can just accept the installation location by clicking on the Next button.
10. Again, you can just accept the Start Menu folder name and click the Next This will start the installation and within a minute the installation will complete.

Installation Steps OF KMSpico Download free for pc:

The installation procedure of KMSpico official is also straightforward. As Windows users, you will find it very easy to install. One of the reasons being, the habit of Windows users is kept clicking for an action to take place. Once you downloaded the KMSpico as we mentioned the above method, you can now install the KMspico using the below method. Follow the few steps carefully:

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Double click on the setup that you recently downloaded.

  • Click on Yes(If ask).
  • Check on the Accept then Click on Next.
  • Choose the path where you want to Install this Software.
  • Wait for few seconds until install.
  • You can just accept the installation location by clicking on the Next button.
  • Again, you can just accept the Start Menu folder name and click the Next This will start the installation and within a minute the installation will complete.

How To Activate Windows 8 Pro Home or 8.1 Using KMSpico

1. Firstly, Download the latest version of KMSpico.
2. After downloading, double-click on the folder to Open. Move the downloaded folder to your Desktop/Home Screen.
3. Note: You must Disable Antivirus or Windows Defender. If you do not perform this step, you cannot run the KMSpico activator. It is because Windows will not permit you to have your Windows activation for free.
4. Now, extract the .rar File either by using 7Zip or WinRar on your home screen.
5. Open the KMSpico portable version after you open the Folder.
6. Next, you right click on KMSELDI.exe file. Remember to run the file as Administrator privilege.
7. Immediately, the Activation Process will start. For this to happen, you need not do any extra settings.
8. At the final stage of activation, you will see an activation message on your Home Screen.
9. Once it displays, then your activation process is complete. In other words, your Windows activation is 100%.
10. Now, Your PC requires a reboot for you to enjoy the Full version of Window 8 or Windows 8.1.

Alternatives of kmspico for Windows 7/8/10:

1. Microsoft Toolkit:
Windows 10 is not free for anyone, needs some money to pay Microsoft to get keys to activate windows completely. But, MS Toolkit gives you the opportunity to activate wins 10 for free, just download and activate it.

KM-AUTO is created by Microsoft, old and worthy tool for activation of windows 10 pro. Which is also known as Universal activator KMS auto, can activate any kind of windows and MS office? KMS Auto – one of the oldest and best activators created by Microsoft for activation of absolutely any Windows system, it will automatically create the schedule in the task list in order to have your Windows 10 automatically reactivated after the key expired. We have tried this tool and found very lethal for activation of any operating system and office 2016, 2013, 2010.

3. Re-Loader

Another most reliable tool to get your Windows 10 working. Re-Loader is as simple as you push a tinny button. It works well with all the versions of Microsoft products. Why PC users prefer it? The answer is due to its automated nature. And users are reporting it as the most suitable software for Activation.

4. KMS Daz Activator

Here we have another choice of activator for you! It’s the KMS Daz Activator. It provides a permanent solution for Windows activation problem. However, it requires a slight change in your system; which is the disabling of anti-virus to complete the activation process. Remaining activation steps are same as the above discussed in another activator

5. KMSPico 10.2.0:

KMSPico is one of the best activators that are currently available to activate the latest version of Microsoft products such as Windows version 10 and Office 16. KMSPico is a legitimate service that Microsoft offers to its user for activation solutions and it is used to activate volume licensed Microsoft products. Are you wondering about the activation process? KMSPico activates windows by replacing its installed product key by KMS server. Don’t worry! It is a totally safe process and provides genuine and permanent activation.

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Some Characteristics of this Amazing Activator are Listed Below:

  • No tension about the expiry Download it and then there is no time limit for its use. You can use it anytime you want. So, we can call it timeless software.
  • No fatigue of confirming the windows versions. It is compatible with both; if it is 32 bit or 64 bit.
  • Another important thing that must be considered is security. Is this secure? Oh! Yes! Designers and developers claim it provides 100% It has no viruses or any packs of risky codes.
  • The most beneficial thing is it takes very much less memory of system e.g. 5MB. Can you imagine it? Such an extensive service with little memory utilization!
  • It is multilingual so anyone in any part of the world can use it.

KMSPico Other Devices:

Kmspico is new technology that activates windows without a license key. Activation of Windows 8 is similar to windows 10. KMS activator can make a universal amplifier to use windows 7, 8, 10 and MS Office. When you are got start with Microsoft office and get the trial version, it will expire soon. But kmspico will give activate office for a lifetime with 0 $.

For this tool, have no problem to activate office products, Windows 10 and 8 without having any license keys on their database. Kms-pico will be doing the activation of windows 10 pro and the new version of this window like windows 10 automatic version. With our website, you can download the latest version of kmspico office 2013 to activate windows 10 fo a lifetime.

 How to Activate Windows 10:

We have been learned from this article, that KMSpico all most supports to all Microsoft applications including windows and Office. We try to make things very simple for our readers, so here are a few steps to get accuracy.

  • first of all, Turn off all protection software including anti-virus and firewall to get download start.
  • Download Activator from the above-given link.
  •  Run the application, it’s opprobriously automatic.
  •  Restart PC – Message will appear.
  •  You have activated.

Conclusion: KMSpico Can Always Get Your OS Activated!

If you follow the instructions on this page closely, you will found that the kmspico 2018 was proven to be one of the greatest tools for Microsoft products activation. No wonder people around the world are looking for it and best of all you can get it from this site.

The information provided on this site is for education purpose, read and use all the tools available on this site at your own risk. After all, the activators including KMSpico for Windows 10 or other similar tools provided on this page can really help you to activate the OS without any problem.


Are there other activators for the latest operating system? Well, beside KMSpico activator there are some other activators that you can use including:
 Microsoft Toolkit
 KMSAuto Lite
 Re-Loader Activator
 KMS Activator Ultimate
All of the above-discussed activators are doing their jobs with excellence. However, their activation processes and layouts are a bit different from one another. Help manuals are available with these tools so there are no hurdles. Use these tools only for the activation of licensed windows. Keep in mind that all these activators are related to Microsoft and it is just like they are supervising these tools. Download any one activator according to your choice and enjoy the results.

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