KMSpico Latest Version Download for Windows 10 [64 & 32 Bit] Activator

KMSPico for Windows 10– KMSpico is an activation tool that is used to activate Microsoft office and all the windows. This tool activates both windows and Microsoft office. It doesn’t require you to buy any license key for activation. Once you have activated your windows with KMSpico then you can use the activation for a lifetime. It has been specially designed for the Windows operating system. You can use KMSPico for permanent and lifetime activation.


KMSpico Latest Version Download for Windows 10 [64 & 32 Bit] Activator

KMSpico is the best and the latest activator available for Windows operating system and for Microsoft office. This software has been frequently updated by its developers. You very well know that how important is activator to your window. So you need an activator for your windows and Microsoft office and we are here with the latest version of KMSpico as the best windows activator.

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Characteristics of KMSpico

There are certain characteristics available for every application. Here we have listed below certain characteristics of KMSpico.

  1. Activate windows and office products

When you install and use KMSpico then it automatically activates your window and office products. Both the windows actual window and KMSpicio window looks the same. This software will upgrade the window just like actual window upgrades.

  1. Lifetime activation:

You can use the KMSpico window for life time with full activation. KMSpico does not provide a trial period like any other software and it becomes a life time solution.

  1. No fraud or detection problems

The developers of KMSpico have provided such features that it can’t detect Microsoft’s server. The developers keep the software updated. it makes a new server that activates the window according to the server provided.

  1. N-Bit Operating system
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This software supports 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems like various versions of windows. Window XP does not support KMSpico.

  1. Free and Safe from Virus

Whenever you download any software it provides you some viruses like malware but KMSPico is the only software that provides you software free and safe from any virus.

  1. No training needed

Running of this software does not require any training or authentic knowledge to run this software.

  1. Free of cost

This software does not require any sort of payment; it’s free to download and is even free for activation. It provides free like time activation.

Salient Features of KMSpico

The features of KMSpico are very attractive to the user. There are different features available of KMSpico and these features are listed below:

  1. It is used to activate the MS office.
  2. It can automatically detect the latest version for update.
  3. It is available free of cost.
  4. It is free from all the types of virus and malware.
  5. The activation process is without an internet connection.
  6. It provides real activation of windows.
  7. It is capable of supporting multiple languages.
  8. Your computer must have the latest version.

How to Download and Install KMSpico for Windows 10?

By now you would have come to know about KMSpico. So now it’s the time to install KMSpico for windows 10. You can download this software for free and is also easy to install. Follow the below-given steps to install KMSpico for windows 10.

  • Step 1: turn off and the firewall and all antivirus software.
  • Step 2: Now visit our website and download the latest version of KMSpico.
  • Step 3: if any of the links are not working then you can go to the second download option.
  • Step 4: after downloading, install it on your computer.
  • Step 5: once you have installed, visit the installation directory and look for KMSpico.
  • Step 6: click on the KMSeldi.exe application.
  • Step 7: run anyway km.
  • Step 8: a new window will appear with 3 options.
  • Step 9: click on the red button and wait for few minutes.
  • Step 10: then you will get a pop-up s\message saying that your window has been successfully activated.
  • Step 11: now your window and office are fully activated.
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Can Activate Windows 10?

Yes, we can activate windows 10. Windows 10 is the most popular and secures operating system developed by Microsoft. Microsoft has long back stopped windows XP and now very soon they will be stopping windows 7 also. The entire older versions are one by one being stopped by the Microsoft.

Now if you want to activate windows 10 then you are right windows 10 is the best option for you. It is not that easy to activate windows 10 but you can do it with the help of any activator or any other tool. Windows 10 has the advanced features and also has an advanced security system.  You can use this software even without activation but you will not get all the features.

How does KMSpico for Windows 10 Activator Work?

Now you have installed and activated KMSpico for windows 10. Here you will read about the working activation of KMSPico for windows 10.

Step 1: click on the activation and wait for the activation to start.

Step 2: right click on installation icon to run your setup to work on your PC system.

Step 3: after completing the installation restart your device.

Step 4: now you have successfully activated the window.

How to Dissolve your Window Defender?

Window defender means to defend for your computer against virus, malware, threats, and harmful software’s.  it also links all the software’s to the Microsoft server. So you will have to turn it off before downloading. Follow the below steps to turn off the defender:

Step 1: search for the window defender in the side search bar of your windows operating system.

Step 2: open the window defender.

Step 3: go to the window defender settings.

Step 4: select the window defender setting.

Step 5: there will appear a new pop up window with several options.

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Step 6: now turn off the real-time protection of the defender.

Step 7: now you can download the KMSpico on your computer.

 Advantages of KMSpico

Here we have given all the advantages of KMSpico.

  1. This tool is free of cost and is freely available for activation.
  2. The software is free from virus and malware and is fully clean.
  3. It is very simple to install and is very secure. It is 100% safe and does not harm any computer.
  4. It supports all the versions of windows.
  5. Activation and installation of this software are free and you can get life time activation within a few seconds.
  6. The activator is best to use and also remove the errors and improves the working of your PC.



How to Uninstall KMSpico?

Now you know everything about KMSpico and if you want to uninstall this application you can do it by following the below steps.

Step 1: uninstall it from add/remove programs.

Step 2: delete KMSpico from chrome or Firefox.

Step 3: now you can permanently remove KMSpico from the windows registry.

Alternate Window Activator

Here we have the best window activators available.

  1. Re-loader activator:

If you want to activate your windows then re-loader activator is another option of activation. It has several features which can be very beneficial for you to choose the windows activator.

  1. Loader extreme:

This is a free tool that automatically gives your window activation. It does not have any virus or harmful threats. It gives paid features for free.

  1. Removewat:

This is also one of the latest window activators. It is fully featured with different automated software.


KMSpico is free and safe activation software and can solve any problem related to activation of windows and Microsoft office. The type of features offered by KMSpico makes it the best windows activator available. It is the best activator because it is small in size, easy to install and is also very easy to use. In this article, you have read everything about KMSpico and hope we could satisfy you with the information on KMSpico the window activator.

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